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Crest White Strips Coupons

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History of Crest

Proctor & Gamble is one of the biggest producers of products in the world, including the innovative Crest brand. This company sells a variety of Crest toothbrushes, toothpaste and mouthwash products to consumers looking for a clean and healthy mouth. Consumers who are also seeking deals and coupons can access these money-saving items online and off. For those wishing to whiten their teeth and make big impressions with a glowing smile, Crest white strips coupons are available as well.

After carefully researching, testing and developing high-quality toothpaste, the original brand was born. Proctor & Gamble launched the first line of Crest products in 1955. It became a household name and began a tradition of good brushing habits in homes all around the United States.

Crest was soon recognized by the American Dental Association for its cavity-fighting fluoride ingredients. It helped prevent tooth decay in those who used the products. By 1962, the brand was recognized as a leading toothpaste. Today, Crest is considered a top mouth care brand and has launched a great number of products designed for healthier teeth. These products include the popular white strips.

Products at a Glance

Toothpaste remains a top seller with the company. This very important tool in mouth care begins with the traditional Classic Crest. Classic Crest added various ingredients for gum care, stain removing and whitening. The types are easily obtained in retailers all over the world. They range in prices and sell out quickly.

Whitening toothpaste, strips and rinses are other product lines available to the public. Crest understands the need to have a perfect smile every time. Product lines that include 3D Whitestrips are designed to increase the tooth enamel's maximum natural whiteness in as little as 14 weeks. One whitening product works in just two hours. Consumers simply apply the strip to the teeth and wait for a stated amount of time. If followed correctly, results are phenomenal.

Crest White Strips

White strips are not the only means to whiter teeth. There are toothpaste types that have the same powerful ingredients. When used in conjunction with white strips, the teeth will show more enhanced results. The cost of using Crest 3D Whitestrips saves consumers up to $500 compared to having it professionally done in a dental clinic. This is smart shopping for many conscientious consumers.

Printable Coupons

Printable coupons are found on various sites across the web. However, consumers can get money-saving coupons on the brand's official site. It is easy to find since the coupons are listed in the menu bar. You can also compare prices at other various retailers of the brand before making your purchase. Crest 3D Whitestrips also has an official website for the product. Consumers simply register with both sites and receive coupons, newsletters and the latest information in their email inbox.

Offline Coupons

Other places to get the coupons, including white strips, are found in the Sunday newspaper. If individuals do not access to the Internet, coupons are obtainable through the paper. Retailers also provide savings for consumers within their own store fliers.

Special Offers

After joining the Crest site for coupons and product information, consumers can take advantage of the special offers from the company. Offers also include free samples of toothpaste, brushes and other oral health items. Most people like to sample a product before making a decision to purchase.

Where to Buy Crest White Strips

Although consumers can get coupons on the official site, they can purchase the products at numerous retailers online and off. The majority of offline retailers, such as Target, accept coupons presented at checkout. Online retailers like Amazon.com take coupon codes or already offer special discounts. An official list of retailers is obtained on the Crest websites.

Whether you are seeking to save money or enhance the appearance of your teeth, Crest white strips are great products to achieve these goals.

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