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Crystal Light Coupons

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Crystal Light's History

Crystal Light is powdered mix that can be mixed with water for a drink that is either sweetened naturally or artificially in some cases. Crystal Light originated in 1982 and was marketed for years as a multiple serving container of the mix.

In 2004, Crystal Light gained more popularity by being reintroduced in “On the Go” packaging that was just a single serve use of the drink. Following the reintroduction of the “On the Go” packaging, in 2009 the company redesigned their multiple serving packages to complete the lineup. Crystal Light made a commitment to reduce their carbon footprint and managed to use 250 tons less packaging material per case produced as a result of the multi-serving package redesign.

Products and Flavors

Crystal Light is offered as both sweetened and unsweetened. The naturally sweetened Crystal Light flavors are sweetened with Truvia, a sweetener that comes from the stevia plant. It is suitable for people with celiac disease because it is gluten free.

The 5 calorie drink is packaged in two different ways. In the “On the Go” packaging method, you can purchase either 7 or 10 packets per box. The multi-serving boxes are available in 8, 10, and 12 quart varieties, with the boxes within the package being separated by different measurements in each case. Crystal Light is sold in the United States and Canada.

Crystal Light is offered in a multitude of different flavors, 24 to be exact. The “classic” Crystal Light flavors, now referred to as the Refreshment series, are lemonade, raspberry ice, pink lemonade, cranberry apple, fruit punch, white grape, strawberry kiwi, strawberry orange banana, and raspberry lemonade.

The Sunrise series, which comes with 100% of your daily recommended Vitamin C intake, features classic orange, ruby red grapefruit, and tangerine strawberry as flavors. The Crystal Light Tea Series has flavors such as green tea honey lemon, iced tea, peach iced tea, green tea peach mango, decaffeinated iced tea, green tea raspberry, and raspberry tea.

Coupons for Crystal Light

New Enhanced Series

In addition to the flavors listed above, Crystal Light has also introduced a new Enhanced series that feature special ingredients designed to produce different results. These include Energy Wild Strawberry, Energy Peach Mango, Focus Citrus Splash, Hunger Satisfaction Strawberry Banana, Fiber Raspberry Peach, Metabolism+ Green Tea Peach Mango, and Antioxidant Cherry Pomegranate.

The Pure flavor series includes lemonade, tropical blend, grape, mixed berry, and strawberry Kiwi. Lastly, Crystal Light has a Skin Essentials series of flavors made from plant extracts and a series of vitamins, that when consumed twice daily, are designed to help enhance the skin. The two flavors within this series are white peach tea and pomegranate lemonade.

Crystal Light Coupons

Because Crystal Light is such a popular beverage, the request for Crystal Light coupons appears quite frequently. Apart from browsing your local newspaper for your local grocery store deals for Crystal Light coupons, the best place to find deals on the delicious drink is on their Facebook page.

The official Crystal Light website is a branch of Kraft Foods, and does not have any coupons available on the page. In contrast, the official Facebook page offers Crystal Light coupons through both fans of the page as well as from Crystal Light themselves.

Finding Additional Coupons

If you aren’t already a member of the website, Kraft Recipes, signing up with them subscribes you to a Kraft mailing list. Kraft will email you periodically about different specials on all Kraft products, including Crystal Light coupons. These coupons eventually make their way onto other coupon sites, but to get the most up to date coupons without going through a third party, signing up on Kraft Recipes is the way to go.

The once free magazine, Food & Family, offers coupons for Kraft products monthly. Unfortunately, to get Crystal Light coupons this way, you have to subscribe to the magazine for approximately $14 per month.

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