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Culvers Coupons

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Company Description

Culver’s is a privately owned fast food restaurant chain which is headquartered out of Sauk City, WI. The restaurant chain is one of the fastest growing restaurant chains in the county.

While it has only been in operations for about 25 years, the chain has quickly grown to over 400 locations.

While most of the locations are in the Midwest United States, the chain has expanded into new markets including Tennessee, Wyoming, Kentucky, and Utah. The restaurant is also in the process of expanding into the Phoenix, AZ marketplace.

Culver Locations

The vast majority of the Culvers locations are found in both suburban or rural cities and towns. Most of the restaurants have a drive through window, which along with the dining room tends to be open well into the evening. The typical restaurant size has a capacity of 120 seats. However, the chain has recently opened restaurants with a new 98-seat capacity and a 75-seat capacity concept is being considered.

Menu Items

Each Culver’s restaurant has a rather vast menu for customers to choose from. The most popular meal items on the menu tend to be their trademarked Butter Burgers. These burgers are made in a unique fashion and can come with a wide variety of toppings and size.

The burgers are typically paired in a meal with a side of French fries or onion rings. Beyond burgers, many patrons enjoy ordering pork sandwiches, fish sandwiches, or chicken fingers.

Popular Items

The most popular item of all on the Culver’s menu is their frozen custard. Culver’s offers a wide range of frozen custard treats which include cups of custard, cones, sundaes, and even milkshakes. Those looking to take some to go can also purchase it in bulk by the quart.

Culver Logo.

Culver Coupon Information

While Culver’s offers convenient and affordable food for customers across the country, consumers could save even more money by utilizing Culver’s coupons. Coupons to be used at Culver’s can be found through both online and through more traditional non-internet sources.

One of the most effective ways of finding Culver’s coupons is to sign up for a membership through their website. Through the Culver’s website you could sign up for the E-Club membership. Members of this club are frequently emailed coupons and other promotions, which could be used for discounts in each restaurant.

Members also typically receive a special birthday treat, which is typically a free frozen custard treat. The website’s Text Club provides customers with a text message informing them of similar promotions at the restaurant.

Other Ways to Find Coupons

While a wide variety of other websites also frequently provide Culver’s coupons to customers, there are more traditional ways of finding coupons for the restaurant. Each restaurant typically advertises in local newspapers, magazines, and coupon clubs. By looking in these places, a consumer can almost always find a coupon for the restaurant’s current promotion.

The coupons received for Culver’s discounts tend to vary significantly. Many of the coupons provide a discount on value meals that are ordered, or a discounted frozen custard treat to be added with each meal. Other promotions may give a consumer the ability to purchase a variety of products at a rate of two for the price of one.

During some promotions customers may even be able to find a coupon giving away a free sandwich, treat, or snack if the restaurant is promoting a new production.

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