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The DVRMSToolbox User Guide

Processing a single DVR-MS file with a profile

  • Most easily accomplished using the GUI tool
  • Select the input file
  • Select the output file
  • Select the "Profile"
  • Click "Run"
  • If you want to get the command line syntax
    • select "Tools:Copy Command Line to Clipboard" and the proper command line will be copied to the clipboard for insertion in a bat/cmd file.

Processing an entire directory

  • Is a little more complicated, as that tool uses "Processing Conditions", meta data based rules, to determine which profile to run against a file.If no match is found, the file is skipped. This application keeps track of the files that it has processed so it won't process them again, unless you want to (this log is editable, you can add or remove files from it).
  • To create a "Processing Condition":
    • Open up the Processing Condition Editor and select "New Condition"
    • Name your condition, select a profile, then add meta tag comparisons (like creating a playlist in WMP)
    • Save the condition and you're all set.
  • Conditions are processed in order of their priority (the order that they display in the Processing Condition Editor), all of the conditions will be tested until a match is found, when one is found no subsequent conditions will be tested.
  • Two conditions are included in the installation:
    • "Processed Files": matches files that are output from previous runs so they don't get processed, uses the "Do Nothing" profile.
    • "Every File": should match every file that isn't an output file, uses "Remove commercials, output DVR-MS, move to RecordedTv" profile. This condition should always be the last condition in the list, as it will match every file.

FileWatcher App

To do it in a completly hands off way, you will want to run the filewatcher app. if you want all files to get cut up, then the best way to do it is to use the ProcessingConditions editor to change the profile that the "Every File" condition uses.

  • Step by step:
  1. Open the PC Editor (ProcessingConditionEditor.exe)
  2. Double click on "Every File"
  3. From the dropdown select the profile to remove commercials
  4. Click "Save"
  5. Click "Save"
  6. Start the FW (DVRMSFileWatcher.exe); if you've already configured it the app will start and you're done, otherwise you'll need to set the output directory.
  • That will proccess all new recordings. If you want to process existing files, then you'll want to use the Process Folder functionality in the GUI, which is driven off of the PC Editor as well.


Change Log

New Version 1.0.8

Changes - Added version information to each tool. - fixed implicit cast bug in AdjustMetaData - GUI AutoRefreshes Profiles when returning from Settings - Fixed application constantly trying to reinstall itself

New Actions: Name: DVRMS2MPGStreams Description: converts a DVRMS to the base MPG/cc streams Reads Context: InputFile, CutDvrmsFile, OutputFile Writes Context: TempMpeg (optional) Configure: FinalRender (true/false), MuxVideoForComskip (true/false)

Using the new action, you can dump the streams into seperate files. ATSC files weren't working because the muxer doesn't like the sound. Comskip doesn't process the sound, just video so using this action with "MuxVideoForComskip" checked will allow comskip to look at the file for commercials.


Changes Fixed a bug in how DvrmsCutOutCommercials detects a hung splice Fixed a bug in the installer


New add profile to convert DVR-MS to WMA (uses new DVRMS2WMA action)

Actions Name: ContextSeed Description: Copies a configured command line arg to the specified Context value Reads Context: None Writes Context: * Configure: ContextValue (context value, value to set), CmdArg (text, arg in /arg= format)

Name: DVRMS2WMA Description: Converts DVR-MS file to WMA using specified WME profile (prx file) Reads Context: OutputFile, * Writes Context: None Configure: ContextFile (context value, file to convert), PrxName(text, path to WME profile)


Changes - DvrmsCutOutCommercials will create a new source file and use that file to cut out commercials when it hangs - FindCommercials is aware of commercials xml files, will not run comskip if an xml file has been created for the file being processed - DVRMS2MPEGStreams added an option to mux the audio and video, it will auto detect the need for a decrypt filter, fixed "TempMpeg" bug - DVRMSToMpeg.exe no longer requires /act argument, if it is not supplied, it applies Processing Conditions to determine the profile to run - "Every File" PC action is to write out commercials (used to create a commercialless dvr-ms file in the recorded tv dir)

New Actions Name: DumpCommercialsXml Description: Writes commercials found in FindCommercials to an Xml file (mainly for CommericalSkipAddIn) Reads Context: Commercials Writes Context: None Configure: None

Applications: DVRMSFileWatcher - monitors a directory (usually recorded tv) and automatically processes the dvr-ms files that are created there. CommercialSkipAddin - MCE addin that uses the commercials xml file to skip to the end (up key) or begining (down key) of the current commercial segment. NOTE: The add-in is not registered by default, it must be registered from the programs menu before it can be used (UPDATE)

I messed up the profiles, so for those who already downloaded, just download the profiles attachement and unzip it to the profiles directory in the install directory.

Otherwise the installer has been updated too.

Also, I have to give credit to S Toub... I borrowed heavily from his time jumping add-in to make the commercial skip addin work.


Changes - Fixed a bug in the Commercial Skip Add-In, it will only try to skip while a dvr-ms file is playing now.


Changes - Commercial Skip Add-In will now allow a skip to the end of the next commercial regardless of current position. This is a change in that the position doesn't need to be within a defined commercial to skip. - HDTV files will now mux into mpegs with audio and video intact. i.e. AC3 audio is supported in media files. - Unfortunately Comskip has been replaced with ShowAnalyzer (www.dragonglobal.org) which blows since ShowAnalyzer does little more than calculate segment length to determine commercial weighting while Comskip actually bothers to look at the audio and video characteristics of a segment to make a more robust and informed decision. Anyway, register SA to get 4+ times faster but much more inaccurate commercial detection. NOTE: the author of SA is working on a DVRMS native version, support this tool and it should come out faster. A new menu item to register SA is included in the Programs area. - DVRMSFileWatcher can now be configured to watch for deletes and delete the commercials xml file when the media file is deleted. - RegisterCommercialSkipAddin programs item registers for all users (requires Administrator rights to run).


Changes - DVRMSFileWatcher displays when it is configured to monitor deletes. - Register/Unregister Add-in cmd have /allusers on all commands - Changed COM registration method for dvr2wmv.dll (cross fingers)

Version (Update)

Changes - Implemented taurus1900 suggestions for filter Disposal - Commercial Skip Add-In can now be set to autoskip after starting playback of a file. To use this feature, start a dvr-ms file as usual, then press the "Right" button on the remote. The add-in will poll current position and when it is in a commercial will automatically skip to the end of the commercial. Once enabled, autoskip will continue until the "Left" button is presses or playback is stopped. "Up" and "Down" buttons work the same way as before. - The temp mpeg is now randomly named instead of being video.mpg. - ShowAnalyzer can be disabled by deleting the TPD dll found in the SA directory, when disabled an error message will appear, and the plugin will fall back to comskip.


Changes - Implemented taurus1900 fix in DVRMSCut action - CommercialSkip add-in can now run in a completely automated mode. Set HKLM\Software\DVRMSToolbox\AutoSkip = 1 (default is 0), to enable AutoSkip.


Changes - DVRMS2MPEGSteams tests for WM/WMRVATSCContent exsitance before checking value (for Meedio users), added support for IsAudioAC3(for FW users) to use M71 graph. - CommercialSkip add-in disposal code changed to suppress RCW error. - SA 0.5.8 bundled (if you run as a user, you must give your account full access permission to HKLM\Software\Dragon Global\ShowAnalyzer". - Option to force Comskip usage (untested). - Duration added to profile and action execution. - File Watcher has some logging options added to the config.

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