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Denny's Coupons

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What is Denny's?

Denny’s is a cornerstone of the American restaurant and diner industry offering satisfying food at affordable prices morning, noon and night. It’s hard to believe, but Denny’s coupons can make a dinner or breakfast at this restaurant an even better value. In 1953, the first Denny’s opened its doors to customers in Lakewood, California.

Originally known as Danny’s Donuts, the 20-location diner chain renamed itself Denny’s in 1959 to avoid confusion with a competing donut and coffee shop. By 1981, Denny’s broke ground on their 1,000th location. Today, the company operates more than 1,500 restaurants in all 50 states, including a number of international locations in Canada, New Zealand and Central America. The mega-diner chain has been publicly traded since 1966 with annual revenue soaring to $760 million in 2008.

Recent Partnerships

In 2007, Denny’s announced a partnership with Pilot Travel Centers and Flying J, which gives Denny’s unprecedented access to hungry customers and road warriors seeking the familiarity and consistency of a value-priced meal from Denny’s.

Travelers will also find a large number of Denny’s located near highway and interstate exits and hotels. Whenever you need a good meal, you’ll find a Denny’s. Open 24/7, customers can enjoy a hot meal, unlimited coffee and free wifi all the time, anytime. At Denny’s, customers are free to anything on the menu day or night. If you want pancakes for dinner, you can order it at Denny’s.

Menu Items

The internationally known “Grand Slam” is the most popular menu item at Denny’s far and away. Featuring three scrambled eggs, two pieces of bacon, two links of sausage, your choice of toast and a healthy helping of hash browns or Southern-style grits, the “Grand Slam” is an unbeatable value any day of the week.

Denny's Coupons

Although the “Grand Slam” represents the definitive Denny’s experience, the chain is always making new traditions and keeping up with current cooking trends. Recently, the restaurant launched a new "Baconalia!" promotion featuring seven bacon-packed dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner, including bacon flapjacks, bacon-laced meatloaf, a triple-bacon BLT sandwich and a savory maple-bacon sundae piled high over vanilla ice cream.

Die-hard pancake lovers will enjoy Denny’s unlimited, all-you-can-eat pancake option while Denny’s fans in training can practice their form with kid-sized options like the “Jr. Grand Slam.” Denny’s even offers a veggie burger, so there really is something for everyone at this casual dining chain.

Denny's Coupons and Promos

If you need a few more reasons to drive over to your local Denny’s, promotions and Denny’s coupons could do the trick. Joining the Denny’s Rewards Program is the easiest way to ensure every coupon is delivered to your inbox or mailing address.

Member benefits include printable coupons, special incentives and introductory offers on new menu items. Denny’s offers great deals daily for customers young and old. Many locations have “Kids Eat Free!” promotions from 4PM to 10PM on designated days. AARP members who present a valid membership card will receive 20% off their total check on orders placed between 4PM and 10PM every day of the week. If that’s not enough, unlimited coffee is always $1 person for AARP members and their guests.

Denny’s is known to run buy one, get free promotions and free meal promotions on designated occasions with or without a coupon. It pays to enroll in the Denny’s Rewards Program for advanced news and email notifications for “Free Gland Slam” events and limited-time promotions.

Birthday Specials

If it’s your birthday, ask about Denny’s free meal special. This old Denny’s traditional is still offered at some throwback restaurants, but it varies by location. Join the rewards program today and get the latest Denny’s coupons and promotions delivered directly to your email inbox.

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