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Depends Diaper Coupons

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About Depends

People who suffer from incontinence have trust Depend brand undergarments to provide them the help they need to manage their difficulties with dignity.

The makers of Depend brand undergarments, Kimberly-Clark, often provide coupons for their products. These coupons can help consumers save as much as 20% off the price of most Depend brand undergarments. Moreover, many media outlets also offer free Depend product samples that can help consumers pick the right products to meet their needs. As a result, it is well worth searching for these coupons and samples.

Here is a brief guide that can help consumers find coupons for Depend products and samples. It includes a product history and some suggestions that can help consumers find valuable Depend product samples and coupons for Depend products.

History of Depends

Depend undergarments were first introduced in 1984 after many seniors wrote to Kimberly-Clark asking them to create products that could help people handle incontinence difficulties with dignity.

After several tests, Kimberly-Clark came up with an undergarment liner that could be worn inside underwear. The liners were attachable by small elastic belts. Their extra-absorbent fabrics were designed to manage moderate to heavy bladder problems well.

These products won approval from many consumers who were battling incontinence problems. However, many consumers wanted a product that could be worn much like underwear.

Kimberly-Clark responded by offering its first undergarments in 1987 with both an outer plastic green cover and a cloth-like cover. This design lasted until about 1994 when the undergarments were consolidated into products with a cloth-like cover.

Kimberly-Clark began manufacturing protective underwear under the Depend brand name in 1998. These products seemed to be made for female consumers. However, this information was not indicated on the containers. These briefs were intended for moderate incontinence problems.

Depends Logo.

Nowadays, Kimberly-Clark offers more than 20 Depend brand products that offer consumers a wide variety of incontinence protection. As a result, many consumers trust Depend brand undergarments to help them handle incontinence problems with dignity.

Depends Coupons

Consumers can find coupons for most Depend brand undergarments from a wide variety of vendors and media outlets. Consumers who would like to save money on Depend brand undergarments can find coupons that can save them as much as 20% off the price of the product. These coupons are available from a wide variety of vendors and media outlets.

Here is a short list of vendors and media outlets that offer coupons for Depend brand undergarments.


One of the best online sources of Depend coupons is located at the [Depend.com/sPMURP/PMURPLogin.aspx?ReturnUrl=/special-offers/ Depend website].

This website features an email club that provides coupons to members who sign up for email newsletters and health care tips. Consumers who sign up for this email club have received many coupons and free samples of Depend products.

For example, members of the email club have received a coupon good for $2.00 off any 12-count or larger-sized size Depends product. Other consumers have received coupons good for $3.00 good for any 24-count Depends product.

To sign up for this club, please go to the [Depend.com/sPMURP/PMURPLogin.aspx?ReturnUrl=/special-offers/ Depend website] and click on the "Sign Up" button located on the left side of the page. Once you have done this, you will be taken to a page that lets you choose a user name, a six-letter password and an email address that will be used to send you your coupons.

Once you have chosen these things, your first coupons and sample offers should arrive within 24 hours after signing up for the club.

Other websites that offer coupons for Depend products are websites for local supermarket chains. Kimberly-Clark also offers coupons for Depend products on supermarket websites that have a working relationship with Kimberly-Clark.

Consumers who visit this and other supermarket websites can download digital coupons for many Depends products by entering their Zip Code, email address and product information. Once consumers provide this information, they are transported to another page on the website that shows them the coupons that are available in their area for Depends products.

For example, many consumers have found coupons good for $3.00 off any Depends product designed for women. Other consumers have also found $5.00 off any Depends "Mini" products. Therefore, it is worth visiting your favorite supermarket's website for coupons for Depends products.

--Consumers can also find coupons for Depends products in advertisements located in their daily newspaper. Kimberly-Clark often promotes Depends products in local newspapers. These promotions are often found in the advertisements that accompany many newspapers around the country. As a result, it might be worth searching your local newspaper's advertisements for Depend product coupons.

This is the case because many consumers have found coupons good for $1.50 off any Depends underwear product. Moreover, other consumers have found coupons good for free product samples and up to $3.00 off any 12-count size Depends product.

Finally, be sure to look at your bulk mail for Depend product coupons.

Kimberly-Clark also promotes Depend products in local bulk mail circulars. These promotions include coupons that can help people save money on new Depend products and larger-sized Depend products.

For example, some consumers have found coupons good for $1.50 off any Depends 12-count size product. Finally, other consumers have also found coupons good for $2.50 off any specially designed Depends products for men or women.

As you can see, consumers can find valuable coupons and product samples for Depends products from many sources. As a result, it is easy to save money on products that can help you handle a delicate problem with dignity.

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