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DiGiorno's Pizza Coupons

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Digiorno Pizza Information

Delivery taste without the delivery price

For several years, DiGiorno's Pizza has built a successful brand around the slogan, "It's not delivery, it's DiGiorno's."

The television advertisements for this pizza always show someone eating pizza, and then another neighbor, family member, or friend coming into the room and saying something along the lines of "Hey! Who delivered pizza?! You can afford delivered pizza? Why didn't you tell me you ordered pizza?"

Inevitably this party crasher is kicked to the curb with the words, "It's not delivery, it's DiGiorno's." The premise of these ads is that DiGiorno's pizza tastes just as good as delivered pizza, but it doesn't have the delivery price.

Digiorno Pizza Products

DiGiorno's understands that pizza preferences are just as diverse as the people who eat them, so they offer a variety of sizes, toppings, and crusts. Their most popular pizza (and the original pizza that started it all) is the 12-inch Rising Crust Pizza.

Digiorno Pizza Logo.

Made with yeasty dough that rises when it's cooked in the oven, this pizza definitely has the look and taste of a delivery pizza. Topping options include options such as Sausage and Pepperoni, Spinach Mushroom & Garlic, Four Cheese, and Supreme. If you can't get enough toppings DiGiorno's also makes an "Ultimate Toppings" pizza, available in Supreme, Four Meat, Pepperoni, or Cheese. Thin crust lovers will delight in the Classic Thin Crust Pizza, which is also available in Supreme, Four Meat, Pepperoni, or Cheese.

Do you have a family that can't decide between cheese and pepperoni? No problem...DiGiorno's makes a Half-and-Half pizza for both, so everyone can get what they want! Garlic Bread Pizza and Stuffed Crust Pizza give addition options for those who want a little something extra with their crust. And smaller versions and flatbread versions also make the perfect lunch for one.

Customer Feedback Drives Products

Like many product lines, DiGiorno's tries out new products to meet the demands of its customers. Some markets have been lucky enough to try the new "Pizza and Cookies", which includes a roll of Nestle Toll House Cookie Dough inside the box with the pizza. A similar offering is "Pizza and Wyngz", which includes "white meat chicken fritters" with the pizza. For those who are watching their weight, there is the 200-calorie pizza, and fans of Chicago-style pizza will definitely want to try the Deep Dish Pizza.

Coupon Availability

Coupons for DiGiorno's Pizza can be found in a wide variety of locations. DiGiorno's regularly publishes coupons in the Sunday circulars. You can also sometimes find coupons for the pizza directly on the box at the store, known in the couponing world as a "peelie", or from a blinking coupon dispenser in the freezer aisle, also known as a "blinkie". If you have a Facebook or Twitter account, you can "Like" Digiorno's pizza and periodically receive special offers only available on Facebook.

For instance, when the Deep Dish Pizza was introduced, DiGiorno's published a coupon offer on Facebook for a free Deep Dish Pizza. Those who were lucky enough to claim this offer received a coupon in the mail from DiGiorno's to redeem at their local grocery store for a free pizza. From time to time DiGiorno's also publishes coupons directly on its own website, "www.digiorno.com". Some stores such as Target and Walgreens also publish their own coupons which are available for printing on their website.

Combining Coupons

Store coupons can be stacked with manufacturer's coupons, which means that both coupons can be used for the same product together. If a customer has a "$1 off coupon" for Target and a "$1 off coupon from Digiorno's, the can use both together at Target and get $2 off the price of the pizza.

When combined with weekly sales there could be even greater savings! Rules on how to use coupons will vary from store to store, so it’s important to know the store's coupon policy before attempting to redeem. If you're not sure whether a coupon will be accepted, take it to the Customer Service desk of the store first before getting into the checkout aisle.

DiGiorno's Pizza is reasonably priced, and with coupons to sweeten the deal who can resist it? So do your homework and you might be amazed at the deals you find.

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