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Disneyland Coupons

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About Disneyland

Disneyland is a wonderful place to take your family for a visit, but it can be expensive if you don’t know where to find discounts. People will tell you that Disney never offers discounts but that simply is not true. You can find discounts on Disneyland vacations at many different online websites with a minimal amount of research.

Disneyland actually consists of two different parks; Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure. They are similar in that they both offer fun rides and shows and each has something for everyone in the family to enjoy. The entrances of both parks are actually across the street from each other, so it is possible to visit both parks in one day. In fact, if you have limited time to spend at the parks, you can buy a park hopper ticket which allows you to visit both parks in one day as many times as you wish.

The Disneyland Hotel, Grand Californian and Paradise Pier are the three official hotels on the property, but there are many different hotels close to Disney. The hotels closest to Disneyland are called the Good Neighbor Hotels. These hotels are endorsed by Disneyland and most of them are within a short walking distance. There is also an area for shopping and dining, called Downtown Disney.

Finding Deals for Disney

Finding a great deal on a Disneyland vacation truly depends on what time of year you choose to visit. Don’t expect to find discounts around certain holidays like Easter, Thanksgiving or Christmas. President’s Week and Spring Break week are always busy so there are usually no discounts around those times of the year either.

Off-peak is the best time to look for discounts because there are less people vacationing during those times of year. Any time that schools are typically in session are considered off-peak and will be less crowded Avoid weekends if possible due to local traffic at the parks. Be aware that during off peak seasons, some attractions may be closed for refurbishment.

Coupon Sites

Disney Coupons

The first website that you should check when looking for Disneyland discounts is the Disneyland.com website. Click on the special offer section and you will be able to see what discounts are currently being offered to the public. They will usually offer a percentage off discount or buy so many nights and get nights free when you stay at a Disneyland Hotel or one of their Good Neighbor hotels. These discounts are usually only offered for a limited time and at short notice.

Be sure to check Disney related websites, such as Mousesavers.com, Allears.net, Citypass.com and WDWinfo.com. These websites are all great resources for anyone that is traveling to any of the Disney parks. They not only tell you what deals and discounts are current, but also let you know ahead of time what discounts are rumored to be coming in the future. Many of the Disney cast members and travel agents frequent these sites, so there is often information leaked ahead of time and posted on the website that is not available to the general public.

Mousesavers.com is one of the best resources for saving money at Disneyland. They keep a comprehensive list of all of the available discounts at Disneyland as well as a list of past offers. These past offers can help you determine what type of discounts to expect during the time of year that you choose because they are typically the same from year to year. Be sure to join their email list because they will notify you when any new discounts become available. Mousesavers.com also offers many tips on how to save money while inside the theme parks.

Allears.net will send you a weekly email newsletter, along with a newsletter for just the deals, if you sign up for them on their website. Allears.net is a wealth of information. You can find deals and discounts on their website along with numerous reviews of the hotels and restaurants. Allears.net also keeps a list of the menus with pricing for every restaurant on Disneyland property. This will enable you to preplan and budget your meals ahead of time and get an idea of how much to expect to spend on food.

Citipass.com offers Disneyland resort tickets at a discount, as well as discounts on other area attractions. You can find discount deals on SeaWorld, San Diego Zoo, Universal Studios Hollywood and many others attractions close to Disneyland.

Choosing Where to Stay

The official Disneyland hotels can be very expensive, so you may want to consider a cheaper alternative and stay at one of the Good Neighbor hotels. You can find discounts any of the neighboring hotels by checking some of the travel discount websites. Orbitz.com, Expedia.com and Travelocity.com usually have great discounts on some of the Good Neighbor Hotels. This is especially helpful for larger families because they can often find family suites at discount pricing.

Saving with AAA

Disney also offers deals for AAA cardholders. You can either book through a travel agent with your AAA card, through the AAA travel agency itself or call Disneyland directly and give them your AAA number. The AAA discount is usually minimal, but it may be worth your while if you are traveling during a peak time of year where there are no other discounts available.

Disney offers their own Visa card from Chase that sometimes offers special discounts on Disneyland vacation packages. Additionally, every time you use your credit card to charge anything, you get points that you can transfer to a Disney Rewards Card. This rewards card can be used at any Disney property to pay for your hotel room or package, tickets, meals or just about anything else.

Disneyland can be a fun and inexpensive place to visit if you know how to get a great deal on your package. By checking just a few different websites, you can be sure that you will find a great deal on your Disneyland vacation.

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