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Dogs-Demeter2.jpg Dogs-Demeter3.jpg Dimitra-16-11-007b.jpg
Name:  Demeter (female) Dogs-female.png
Birthdate:  November 2006
Color:  Dogs-black.png Dogs-brown.png Dogs-.png
Size:  L Dogs-L.png
Weight:  20 kg
Race:  half cast German Shepherd
Rabies:  Dogs-yes.png
Parvovirus:  Dogs-yes.png
Adenovirus:  Dogs-yes.png
Coronavirus:  Dogs-no.png
Kennel Cough:  Dogs-yes.png
Leptospira:  Dogs-yes.png
Distemper:  Dogs-yes.png
Parainfluenza:  Dogs-yes.png
Microchip:  Dogs-no.png
Sterilized:  Dogs-yes.png

She was standing tied outside our fence, proud, but anxious as if she was looking for something... Looking for the people that had abandoned her? Looking for someone new to take care of her? Who knows?

Her foot had a wound that was infected and untreated for weeks. She was immediately taken to the doctor, but even after intense daily treatment with medicines and special care the leg could not be saved.

Demeter is an admirable dog, so kind, so beautiful, so smart, so active and strong that you cannot even realize that she runs with three legs only. We are very proud of her!

Demeter was adopted by Artemis, a very sweet and reliable family. She lives in Athens together with other dogs.

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