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Dogs-Jordan2.jpg Dogs-Empty-100x1.png Dogs-Empty-100x1.png
Name:  Jordan (male) Dogs-male.png
Birthdate:  2011
Color:  Dogs-brown.png Dogs-black.png Dogs-.png
Size:  L Dogs-L.png
Weight:  28 kg
Race:  mix
Rabies:  Dogs-yes.png
Parvovirus:  Dogs-yes.png
Adenovirus:  Dogs-yes.png
Coronavirus:  Dogs-yes.png
Kennel Cough:  Dogs-yes.png
Leptospira:  Dogs-yes.png
Distemper:  Dogs-yes.png
Parainfluenza:  Dogs-yes.png
Microchip:  Dogs-yes.png
Sterilized:  Dogs-yes.png

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