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Dogs-Kret2.jpg Dogs-Kret3.jpg Dogs-Kret4.jpg
Name:  Kret (male) Dogs-male.png
Birthdate:  2 October 2006
Color:  Dogs-black.png Dogs-white.png Dogs-.png
Size:  M Dogs-M.png
Weight:  16 kg
Race:  mixed Saluki
Rabies:  Dogs-yes.png
Parvovirus:  Dogs-yes.png
Adenovirus:  Dogs-yes.png
Coronavirus:  Dogs-yes.png
Kennel Cough:  Dogs-yes.png
Leptospira:  Dogs-yes.png
Distemper:  Dogs-yes.png
Parainfluenza:  Dogs-yes.png
Microchip:  Dogs-no.png
Sterilized:  Dogs-yes.png

A rare combination of elegance, harmony, beauty and speed in a shy, loving and playful character… This is Kret, our amazing elf.

Kret is a gentle, sensitive and affectionate dog, not really expressive though. He can be trained only with love and consistency. He is skittish especially with other dogs and with people he just meets. He is friendly, well behaved with children. However, don't get surprised when he becomes aloof. It's his character. Actually, he has a lot of the character of Salukis :) However, even if he chases, we have never seen him killing animals.He seems really gentle with them.

Kret is happy when running. It is not recommended for apartment life. Since he is too slim he prefers warm temperatures, thus it's better for him to sleep indoors.

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