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Dogs-Perla2.jpg Dogs-Empty-100x1.png Dogs-Empty-100x1.png
Name:  Perla (female) Dogs-female.png
Birthdate:  August 2006
Color:  Dogs-blond.png Dogs-white.png Dogs-brown.png
Size:  L Dogs-L.png
Weight:  31 kg
Race:  Mixed boxer
Rabies:  Dogs-yes.png
Parvovirus:  Dogs-yes.png
Adenovirus:  Dogs-yes.png
Coronavirus:  Dogs-no.png
Kennel Cough:  Dogs-yes.png
Leptospira:  Dogs-yes.png
Distemper:  Dogs-yes.png
Parainfluenza:  Dogs-yes.png
Microchip:  Dogs-no.png
Sterilized:  Dogs-yes.png

Perla is a strong beautiful female dog about 25 months old, Boxer mix. She was found pregnant in the mountainous surrounding area of the big campus. She arrived thin and weak looking for care and love. A tender and lawful dog ideally suited to devote to one and only person and share a life together.

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