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These are the Vaccines used for our dogs and the viruses or bacteria that they immunize against:

List of Products

Producer Product Immunization
Merial Hexadog - L Leptospira bacteria bacteria
Merial Hexadog - R Rabies virus
Merial Hexadog - DHP Distemper virus
Adenovirus (Hepatitis)
Merial Pneumodog - Bb Pi2 Bordetella bronchiseptica bacteria
Parainfluenza virus
Pfizer Vanguard CPV Parvovirus (Canine ParvoVirus)
Pfizer Vanguard CPV-Lepto Parvovirus
Leptospira bacteria
Pfizer Vanguard DA2Pi Distemper virus
Fort Dodge Corona Virus Enteritis Corona Virus
Intervet Nobivac Lepto Leptospira bacteria
Intervet Nobivac DHP Distemper
Adenovirus (Hepatitis)
Intervet Nobivac Puppy DP Distemper

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