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Dove Coupons

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Dove's Product Line

Dove ® products have been trusted by millions of women for many years, helping them to look and feel as beautiful as they possibly can. The people at Dove today are even more dedicated than ever to providing quality skin care and other hygiene products that can enhance everyday living.

Not only do they produce the finest in hygiene care, they’re also devoted to making sure that women of all ages have a chance to reach their potential, where positive forces of nature are needed in this ever-changing world. While physical beauty is merely a perception, self-confidence can act as the ultimate game changer.

The makers of Dove beauty supplies are fully aware that it’s not easy being a woman, and their philosophy is not only based on customer satisfaction, but also a belief that getting involved beyond the service counter is vital to a collective harmonious future.

Dove's History

A man by the name of William Lever may not have known it at the time, but his entrepreneurial skills were indirectly responsible for launching and sustaining Dove brand products.

He created Lever Bros., a company that became popular for the mass production of items made from oils and fats, which included margarine and soap. By the 1930s the newly formed Unilever Corporation developed into a major distributor of wares; however, the Great Depression as well as the Second World War caused business operations to weaken for the duration of these trying times.

Dove Soap Coupons

Unilever managed to stay afloat through the turmoil, and in 1957 things were about to change for the better. Dove became a subsidiary of Unilever, and what started out in Victorian England during the late nineteenth century eventually blossomed into a modern-day global staple for cleanliness.

In 1957 the Dove cleansing bar became available in the United States, and the rest is history. When first introduced as a cleansing bar, it proved to be less abrasive on the skin than conventional soaps. From that point forward, Dove became a household name. For over five decades the product entered millions of homes through print and television advertising, and its continued success gave rise to the company diversifying into new Dove products.

Dove Today

Dove is now taking care of women’s hygienic needs from head to toe, by way of lotions, hair care items, body washes, and antiperspirants. From the creation of the traditional White Beauty Bar comes the Deep Moisture Body Wash, the Shea Butter Cream Oil Body Wash, and the go fresh Cool Moisture Body Bar and Wash. Hair care products include three different types of Damage Repair shampoos and conditioners, and a full line of clear deodorants and body mists to suit most every occasion.

Save Money on Dove Producs

Many of these items can be found on sale at local outlets, yet Dove is going a step further by offering printable and redeemable coupons. These coupons can often be found in the Sunday edition of many major newspapers; various online sites offer Dove vouchers as well, yet their official website is a great place to find a lot more than fantastic values.

The people at Dove offer so much more than quality products and coupons; they give every woman a chance to connect with her inner beauty and let it show on the outside through the process of developing high self esteem. This is a united effort; a portion of each Dove ® purchase will be put towards a partnered fund designed to help girls of all ages build their self esteem.

These organizations include Girl Scouts of the USA, Boys & Girls Clubs of America, and Girls Incorporated. By visiting the Dove website, you’ll have a tremendous opportunity to connect with a network of women who believe that beauty, first and foremost, comes from within.

Dove Insider Program

Becoming a Dove Insider is absolutely free, and it’s easy to sign up. Simply fill out the quick online form and get Dove coupons, special offers, free gifts, sneak peeks, beauty tips, and the Dove e-newsletter. Aside from providing a world of savings on a variety of Dove’s toiletries, new and meaningful relationships can develop by connecting with those who may share common interests.

The folks at Dove are also making an effort to include everyone in their ventures. Although Dove products are used chiefly by millions of women, men are also finding the benefits of looking healthy via the Dove brand. The Men+Care Extra Fresh Body and Face Wash cleanses deeply with MICRO-MOISTURE technology that has been battle-tested and proven to fight dryness while nourishing the skin.

For more information, log onto Dove.us and find out how to get involved in your community and beyond. You’ll be glad you did!

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