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Dragons (ECRPG)

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This article or section reflects a concept or character as it is in EC, which is not necessarily consistent with the original source material. Please see the relevant links at the end of the article for the canon.

Possibly the most diverse race in ECRPG, besides perhaps humanoids, are dragons. Ranging in size, stature, build and anatomy across multiple types, and countless subtypes within each one. Dragons from all forms of reality come to Valgris and make their lairs. However, despite all these forms they may take, dragons are typically proud in manner, unrelenting combatants and wealthy, also usually among the most clever and crafty opponents one could face.

Agony Basilisk

Kouryuu and Otsuryuu, Faxkek's Agony Basilisk servants.

Agony Basilisks are a type of spiny dragon whose gazes bring intense pain or fear into those who look into it. Despite the name, Agony Basilisks are dragons rather than true Basilisks.

Two examples of Agony Basilisks are Kouryuu and Otsuryuu, who are in the service of Faxkek.

Bane Dragons

Bane Dragons are a type of Dragon Lich that are known for their foul tempers and even fouler stench. Bane Dragons are a prevalent species on Valgris and can be the elite pet of choice (especially the more powerful elemental varieties) for some Necromancers.

Bane Dragons break down into several different types:


  • Green-skinned.
  • Are Earth/Poison-elemental.
  • Usually about the size of a bus.
  • Have a toxic breath attack.


  • Crimson-skinned, with purple stripes.
  • Are Fire-elemental, and are therefore immune to fire, making the usual fire-based tactics useless.
  • Usually bus-sized.
  • Breathe fire.

Bane Shocker

  • Violet-skinned.
  • Lightning/Wind-elemental.
  • Usually bus-sized.
  • Fastest variety.
  • Largest wings in comparison to body size.
  • Said wings are capable of creating intense wind gusts.
  • Have a lightning breath attack that is capable of paralysis to its target(s).

Frost Bane

  • Ice blue skin with white mottling.
  • Ice-elemental, therefore doubly weak to fire.
  • SUV-sized, making them the second smallest type.
  • Wingless.
  • Have ice breath that can freeze its victims solid.

Pygmy Bane

  • Brown-skinned.
  • Earth-elemental.
  • Horse-sized, the smallest variety.
  • Have vestigial wings.
  • They have no breath attack, but compensate with having a petrifying bite.

Bane Mage

  • Pale gray-skinned, with pale green and orange feathers.
  • Non-elemental.
  • Between bus and SUV-sized.
  • Two pairs of wings, both pairs are feathered.
  • Breath attack that is not damaging, but can silence foes.
  • If it weren't for the skeletal-looking head and the stench, they would not seem to be undead.
  • Being masters of a wide variety of magic is how they got their name.

Bane Prophet

  • Completely skeletal, are pretty much a dragon skeleton engulfed in an aura of energy.
  • Holy-elemental and immune to fire.
  • Passenger jet-sized. Second-largest variety.
  • Wingless.
  • Fire a holy-elemental beam attack from their mouth that can destroy buffs.
  • Are easily the most powerful type due to their unique makeup. However, one other surpasses them in sheer power...

Bane King

  • Black and purple-skinned, with an inky purple aura.
  • Dark/Gravity-elemental.
  • Largest Bane Dragon, being about twice the size of the Bane Prophet.
  • Second-largest wing size in comparison with the size of its body, these wings can easily blot out the sun.
  • Have a dark-elemental breath attack that can down its victims instantly.
  • Proficent with magic, but surpassed by the Bane Mage in variety and versatility.
  • Most powerful in sheer power alone.
  • Has a permanent residence in the Darktime realm, and is the only one of its kind, which is good.
  • Also in the realm of good news, he is actually a reasonable creature and will only fight if provoked,and does not like using his full power.

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