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Dreft Coupons

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About Dreft

Soap maker James Gamble and candle manufacturer William Procter combined their companies in 1837. They joined forces since both used the same crude materials, fats and oils, for their products. This led to the creation of the Procter and Gamble company.

Procter and Gamble has been at the forefront of American manufacturing ever since, developing many paradigm-changing products that helped people live better and easier lives.

In the early part of the 20th century, Americans washed their laundry with soap flakes. Soap flakes, soap shaved into flecks, promoted frothiness in soapsuds. Soap flakes in hard water, however, grayed whites, dulled colors and caused visible staining to the washing machine tub. Procter and Gamble sought a better way to wash laundry.

They discovered it in the two-part miracle molecule system, dubbed synthetic surfactants, that drew dirt out of clothes while suspending the dirt from being re-absorbed by the laundry. Synthetic detergents are less susceptible to hard water. They are more effective in cleaning all forms of laundry.

Dreft's History

The initial product created was called Dreft. It became the first modern, synthetic laundry detergent. The only problem with Dreft was it was too gentle. It could only properly handle lightly-soiled laundry.

However, since Dreft doesn't contain harsh chemicals, it's good to use on silk, wool, and other fine washables, as well as flame-resistant fabric. It's also gentler on skin while still cleaning laundry. Therefore, Dreft has since evolved into the perfect laundry detergent for baby clothes. It has even been recommended by pediatricians.

Dreft Coupons

The modern Dreft formula is designed to battle tough baby stains while keeping the clothing safe for a baby's skin. Dreft is potent enough now to be used on most family laundry. There is even a Dreft High Efficiency for the new breed of high efficiency washers.

Saving Money on Dreft

Just as Procter and Gamble have developed Dreft through the years to help save babies from uncomfortable or unhealthy clothing, it has evolved its own industry-renown system for savings customers more of their hard-earned money.

Young, growing families are especially at risk during recessionary times. Family budgets, with a new baby, can be greatly strained. Dreft coupons do just that. Procter and Gamble also regularly announces special offers, including free samples and rebates through their corporate super-saver website Brandsaver.Com.

It was created exclusively to spread the word about savings to their customers. At the website, customers may register to receive the Procter and Gamble brandSAVER, a monthly online magazine with household advice as well as Dreft coupons, special offers and other promotions for Procter and Gamble brands.

Websites for Coupons

The direct link is Pg.Com. Procter and Gamble offers a $2 off Dreft coupon offer at ThePromotionalOffer.Com. Another high value coupon is available at Dreft.Com.

Clippable Dreft coupons are also regularly circulated through the usual channels, such as coupon inserts in major Sunday newspapers. They are often included in sponsored postal customer coupon envelopes. Print-off Dreft coupons are often featured on other coupon websites. Print-off coupons for other Procter and Gamble products are also available.

Dreft coupons are regularly offered on Ebay, in exchange for the auction bid handling fee. Coupon scraper sites carry affiliate links to some Dreft coupons, but they are often links directly to the main Brand Saver website. Dreft coupons may also be located at local grocery stores in various display situations.

Baby Websites

Companies that promote new baby related products will often have free samples or high value coupons for the asking. Baby-centric websites frequently update with new Procter and Gamble baby-related products. One such printable Dreft coupons offering is here Babygoodbuys.com.

The Procter and Gamble corporate Twitter account is only one of several Twitter IDs, most of them linkable from it. Twitter.com. There are regular updates with product and promotional information. There are Dreft coupons and other offers posted to the Procter and Gamble Facebook page at Facebook.com.

Procter and Gamble has always been about saving. They save a modern family from too much work, they spare their babies discomfort, and they save everyone money. Dreft coupons continue to lead the way with Procter and Gamble savings.

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