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The youngest Drengin clan, the Ereth are the most kind and liberal of all Drengin. Though they are still brutal, ruthless warriors, they have renounced the eating of skin and flesh of other intelligent races. Though they willingly enslave non-Drengin races, they treat them with a code of respect and refuse to harm them in the tortuous ways the rest of the Drengin do.


The second oldest Drengin clan, the Korath are based off the planet Kora, a hellish wasteland of a planet that could only be made worse if it had Venus' cloud cover. This environment has shaped the Korath into the monsters they are today -- they are the ones that advocate the ultimate genocide of all non-Drengin races. They are the physically largest, strongest, and most intimidating of all Drengin subraces.


The eldest Drengin clan and the one in which the Empire has drawn the most emperors from. The Kona clan however has recently suffered from its incredible age, being almost incapable of changing with the times. Emperor Kona XXXXVI currently rules the Drengin Empire, leading them in their war to enslave the galaxy.

Drengin Empire

A massive, militaristic, almost pure evil empire ruled over by the brutal Drengin race. Consists of a variety of ruling clans, most notably the Kona, Korath, and Ereth clans. The Empire has enslaved countless races and forced them to work in their factories with almost no sustenence. Those that are too weak or become crippled are thrown into the death furnaces to provide further energy.


The Drengin have been a united race for almost 50,000 years. It is during that time that their initial expansion into the galaxy occurred, utilizing sublight starships and advanced subspace folding portals called Warpgates. They conquered three planets this way -- Ereth, Kora, and Toria -- before the advent of faster-than-light travel.

Since then, the Drengin Empire has expanded almost non-stop, subjugating world after world, system after system. They now stand as one of the largest empires in the galaxy, controlling thousands of star systems and reigning over almost a trillion beings.


The Empire has a surprisingly meritocratic social structure -- just about any Drengin who proves himself or herself capable is able to advance up the social ladder. By the same token, a lazy, arrogant Drengin aristocrat will not last very long in their position. One of the strongest aspects of Drengin society is as a result that someone extremely capable is almost always in a position of power, and someone that isn't is almost always not. As with everything, there are exceptions.

Slaves (or slavelings as the Drengin call them) within the Empire are generally without rights, subject to random killing and torturing as their owners see fit, but never quite worked to death. To be a slave is to be nothing but property to the Drengin, property that they can do anything they please with. There is however a "hierarchy" of sorts for slaves, laid out by the Kona clan -- the useful, the useless, and the tasty.

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