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Dry Cleaning Coupons

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Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning? Why, there’s no such thing! When you take that blazer to the dry cleaners, it’s immersed in an organic solvent called percholorethylene, or "perc."

Perc is highly toxic, linked to bladder, esophageal, and cervical cancers, so these days dry cleaning is carried out by specialized machines divided into four components. The dirty clothes are placed in the cylinder while the perc is placed in a holding tank.

A pump is used to circulate the perc through the clothes and any residual grease, grime or soil is caught in the filter when the solvent is drained. The solvent is then drained and recirculated back into the holding tank to be reused. Afterwards the clothes are treated with a conditioner --a process called sizing – a deodorant chemical and an anti-cling additive.

If a stain proves to be unusually resilient, then a dry cleaning employee may try to remove it by hand. Many dry cleaners will also do minor repair work, for example sewing your loose button back on.

Dry Cleaning Process

The basic dry cleaning process is simple. So what accounts for the huge variation in dry cleaning prices within the same urban area? Some discount dry cleaners cut back on basics -- use solvent that’s well past it’s prime, so that your clothes may actually come back to you dirtier than when you brought them in, or forgo the deodorizing and anti-static parts of the treatment

Generally, however, dry cleaners tend to be small independent businesses instead of chains, so fluctuations in the cost of dry cleaning reflect what the local market will bear. If there are many dry cleaners in a single area, they will compete with each other on price points. If you’re looking for a way to minimize your dry cleaning cost, your best bet is to go with cleaners who don’t skimp on services – and use coupons and discounts to make their mid-range prices dip even lower.

Dry Cleaning

Why Do Dry Cleaners Give Out Coupons?

Why do businesses use coupons? To sell you things more inexpensively without altering your perception of those things’ actual price. You understand that the price reduction is just a temporary measure, and if you like the service well enough you may be willing to pay the full price at a future date.

Dry cleaning is one of the industries that were hit hard by the recession as people postponed their dry cleaning needs, wearing garments multiple times before they brought them in for cleaning. Many customers have the perception that their dry cleaning expenditures are too high. Coupons therefore represent a way that dry cleaning operations can continue to appeal to their markets by presenting cost savings without making those cost savings permanent.

Mom and Pop dry cleaners have also been hurt by the emergence of chains: Proctor and Gamble, for example, has started a dry cleaning chain based around its best selling laundry detergent brand Tide, scheduled to begin appearing in upscale shopping malls across the nation while several environmentally friendly dry cleaning chains – like GreenEarth in which Proctor and Gamble is also a stakeholder, have begun appearing in more progressive minded locations.

Dry Cleaning Discounts and Coupons

Dry Cleaners often offer discounts through their advertisements in local newspapers. These discounts have expirations dates so check them carefully.

Yellow Pages

Frequently dry cleaners will advertise discounts and special offers through their listing in the Yellow Pages, particularly if they run a picture ad. These discounts do not generally have expiration dates.

Discount Cards

Many dry cleaners will offer discount cards to repeat customers, offering one free cleaning service for a given number of paid services.

Direct Mail Packs

Direct mail coupon packs are an excellent source for dry cleaning coupons and discounts. Some of these direct marketers like Money Mailer even have websites on which you can enter your zip code for coupons and then print them yourself at home if the postman happens to be taking the day off.

The website ChoiceCoupons.com has a register of dry cleaning coupons listed by city and state. Set your browser to here to view them all.

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