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Duncan Hines Coupons

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The “Adventures in Eating,” otherwise known as the Duncan Hines story is an interesting one. Duncan Hines was a traveling salesman from Bowling-Green, Kentucky, who had the good fortune of eating some delicious meals as he made his way about the country. As a result he began writing books and reviews about the places he had eaten. He also wrote about the places where he lodged. His experiences were so compelling that the restaurants and motels he wrote about, were given a “Duncan Hines Seal of Approval.”

Duncan Hines teamed up with Roy Parker to start a food business that sold prepared products. Later the business merged with Proctor and Gamble to become the Duncan Hines label known and loved today. During this time cake mixes entered the Duncan Hines arena. Today the Duncan Hines brand includes about eighty different products, including cake mixes, brownie and cookie mixes, muffin mixes, frostings and more. It is easy to enjoy delicious Duncan Hines products by simply visiting a local grocer. There are some good discounts on these items through coupons and special offers.

The Duncan Hines Web Page Offers Coupons

The Duncan Hines homepage is a place to visit for coupons directly from the company. Joining the Duncan Hines bakers club is required to access the coupons. To enroll in the club requires providing some information such as name, email and other demographic data. This allows one to get coupons and special offers on Duncan Hines products.

Get Duncan Hines Coupons by Mail

Duncan Hines Logo.

Duncan Hines lovers can find good discounts on their favorite products by checking the coupons that come in their mailboxes each week. It is a good idea to check through these coupons rather than assuming they are junk mail. They can contain some substantial savings on Duncan Hines products.

Duncan Hines Coupons are in Newspapers and Magazines

Magazines that specialize in cooking and household issues often include Duncan Hines coupons. These coupons often do not have an expiration dates. Sunday newspapers all over the country carry Duncan Hines coupons. It is a good idea to look through the stacks of coupons that come with Sunday papers. Sometimes in the haste to put papers together, several sheets of Duncan Hines coupons might be included.

Midweek papers usually have special offers and coupons offered by individual grocery stores. In addition to coupons grocery stores often give discounts on Duncan Hines products, including buy two get front free offers and deals like two for the price of one.

Exchange Coupons and get Duncan Hines Deals

Many places offer coupon exchange bins where shoppers can place their unused coupons and get coupons for items that they use. These are often in public places like libraries, and some supermarkets also place such bins at the front of the store.

Take Advantage of Grocery Store Coupons

Grocery stores often make coupons available for Duncan Hines products. Coupons can be found in dispensers attached to the shelves near the products. Some grocery stores may offer Duncan Hines coupons attached to cash register receipts. Look for double and triple coupon deals offered by some stores and get Duncan Hines products for pennies.

Coupons on the Web

Duncan Hines coupons can be found on coupon web sites, but they may not always be available. The best way to find coupons on these websites is to check frequently since coupons for different product brands may change. Popular coupon websites include Couponbug.com, Couponcabin.com, Couponmountain.com, and Couponmom.com.

Organize coupons

Once coupons are clipped, it is a good idea to organize them so they can be used promptly. Checking the sales ads for various grocery stores will provide an idea of when to use coupons to get good deals on items that are already on sale. Some coupons have expiration dates, so they should be used first. Stores usually have time limits on coupon doubling so take advantage of those periods to use coupons. Coupons can be organized in a heavy envelope, in a wallet or by using plastic sleeves in a binder.

Coupons for Everyone

The image of the bargain hunting homemaker with her folder full of coupons has given way to all kinds of individuals getting the best buys by using coupons. During a tough economy, college students, young couples, older adults and all demographic groups can save money by clipping Duncan Hines coupons.

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