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EARTH: The New World Stories Wiki

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EARTH: The New World Stories Wiki


Welcome to the EARTH: The New World Stories official data repository.

EARTH: The New World Stories is an as-of-yet-unreleased trilogy of scifi novels by Zac North.

The three novels are as follows:

  • Xion Facility Chronicles
  • (not yet named...current codename "XFC 2")
  • (also not yet named...may be "Earth's End," or "The Final Battle," but unlikely)

There is a movie being currently written which, in my (the author's) humble opinion, will probably never get off the ground. It is known as "Juangarian Heroes," and is based off of an idea I had many years ago which eventually sparked this trilogy.

Anyway, feel free to look around, and I welcome you to my wiki!

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