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Team #1

Topic: Wikis as a new tool for teaching and learning.

Team Members:

Jennifer Brezina

Marsha Haynes

Justin Fee

Monica Flores

M.Ricardo Flores


After reading selections on the use of wikis in education, students will create and edit entries on the class wiki on the subject of the uses of a wiki in online teaching and learning, meeting all of the standards listed on the rubric.



http://bb.csueastbay.edu/courses/1/20731EDUI6702_7802_MRG/db/_1660561_1/embedded/What's%20a%20Wiki.pdf?bsession=15450602&bsession_str=session_id=15450602,user_id_pk1=329767,user_id_sos_id_pk2=1,one_time_token= This article gives a good explanation of how a wiki works as well as the challenges and uses of wikis in the classroom. What applications can you see that would work in your online teaching?

2. Wikis and Student Writing. McPherson, 2006. http://bb.csueastbay.edu/courses/1/20731EDUI6702_7802_MRG/db/_1660561_1/embedded/Wikis%20and%20Student%20Writing.pdf?bsession=15469143&bsession_str=session_id=15469143,user_id_pk1=329767,user_id_sos_id_pk2=1,one_time_token= This article discusses pros and cons and gives useful suggestions for implementation. Do you think Wikis are an effective tool in developing collaborative writing skills?

3. Wiki as a Teaching Tool, Parker & Chao, 2007 http://ijklo.org/Volume3/IJKLOv3p057-072Parker284.pdf This article will give you many applications of a wiki. How do wikis contribute to the constructivist paradigm?


Nuts and Bolts #1, Wikis in the Classroom http://remoteaccess.typepad.com/remote_access/2007/08/nuts-and-bolts-.html

Wiki as a Tool for Web-based Collaborative Story Telling in Primary School: A Case Study https://iit-iti.nrc-cnrc.gc.ca/iit-publications-iti/docs/NRC-48234.pdf

Using Wikis in Schools: A case study http://www.futurelab.org.uk/resources/documents/discussion_papers/Wikis_in_Schools.pdf



1. An example of a wiki used to help students prepare for the SATs: http://proprofs.com/mwiki/index.php?title=The_SAT_Prep_Wiki#SAT_Wiki_Guides:_SAT_Reasoning_Test_Guides

2. This is a world-wide travel guide written and edited by travelers around the world http://wikitravel.org/en/Main_Page

3. Here is a famous wiki space: Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Introduction


Business Wiki Collaboration http://www.centraldesktop.com/l?sr=goog&sy=wk

Peanut butter wiki http://pbwiki.com/

Wikispaces http://www.wikispaces.com/

BluWiki http://BluWiki.com

SeedWiki http://www.seedwiki.com

Educational wikis: This site aims to answer one question: How can I use wikis in education?


Here are few links to help set up your groups wiki:





McPherson, K. (2006, December). Wikis and student writing. Teacher Librarian, 34(2), 70-72.

Teaching and Learning. That's What! MultiMedia Internet@Schools, 12(6), 17- 20.

Clyde, Laurel A. (2005). Wikis, Teacher Librarian, 32(4), 54-6.


Activity 1. Read the suggested articles and case studies, look at some wiki examples, and go to some of the free wiki setup sites.

Activity 2. Open the class wiki located at http://www.bluwiki.com/go/EDUI7802 and create a login using your last name and first initial. Add your entry on the wiki regarding the readings and thought questions in activity 1. This initial entry needs to be at least several paragraphs. Login to the class wiki at least 4 different times each week. Check the history and note changes that have been made since your last login. Make at least 1 new edit each time you login. The goal of this assignment is to provide you with an understanding of a new teaching strategy and to give you experience in using it. You will be graded on the following rubric.


File:RUBRIC.pdf RUBRIC.jpg

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