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International Workshop on Energy Efficiency and Networking


The workshop will last two days. It will start on Monday May 31st, in the afternoon, and take al the following day. The Scientific Council meeting should take place in the afternoon of the second day.

The workshop is (tentatively) structured as follows:

  • A first session in which the industrial world (manufacturers, operators, companies running large data centers) gives its perspective on the energy issue.
  • A session with talks on research issues in green networking.
  • Finally, one talk on the ICT role in Smart Grids.


Green ICT: the industry perspective (May 31st)

These talks are centered on the industrial point of view on the problem of energy efficiency in networking. What are the drivers for green solutions in this domain?

Industry's perspective - candidate speakers
Speaker Affiliation Subject Status
Suresh Goyal Bell Labs Green Touch initiative - equipment manufacturer's point of view Confirmed
Mark Monroe Sun's rep on The Green Grid and current Green Grid Treasurer manufacturer Waiting for confirmation

Charles Kalko Ebay Data Centers Invitation sent

Andy MacLeod Director Group Networks, Vodafone Network operator's point of view Invitation sent
Hans-Otto Scheck Nokia Siemens Manufacturer Invitation sent

John Schinter At&T network operator Invitation sent
Mike Bennett LBNL (energy efficient ethernet) Research lab Confirmed (he has to present on the 31st)

Other potential speakers

Talks from equipment manufacturers:

• Green Touch Initiative: Sam Samuel (bell labs) Muriel Medard (MIT), Laurent Herault, CEA-LETI alcatel-lucent

• Hans-Otto Scheck (Nokia) (cellular systems) http://www.tml.tkk.fi/Opinnot/T-110.7190/2007/fall/Hans.pdf - Anne Larilahti heads the Environmentally Sustainable Business (ESB) program at Nokia Siemens Networks

• Ulf Ewaldsson, vice president and head of Ericsson’s radio network business - Elaine Weidman - Ericsson's VP of Sustainability

• Mark Monroe, Sun's rep on The Green Grid and current Green Grid Treasurer

Talks on Data Centers:

• Arne Josefsberg General Manager of Infrastructure Services, Microsoft - http://www.climatesaverscomputing.org/about/board-of-directors/ -

• Charles Kalko, Operations Strategist, eBay http://www.sigmetrics.org/conferences/sigmetrics/2009/workshops/schedule_greenmetrics.shtml

• Chandrakant Patel, HP (Energy-efficient computing, thermal-management technologies) http://www.hpl.hp.com/people/chandrakant_patel/

Talks from network operators:

• John Schinter AT&T Director of Energy .

• Jeremy Metz, Energy Team leader, Verizon

• marisa vargas, telefonica http://www.ogf.org/OGF25/materials/1530/Energy+efficiency+in+the+Telecom+sector+-+Marisa+Vargas+-+Telefonica.pdf Pablo Rodriguez, Telefonica I+D - NADA project - nano data centers http://nanodatacenters.eu/

telefonica climate change office: http://www.telefonica.com/ext/rc08/en/telefonica/ESPECIAL_M_AMBIENTE/Cambio_Climatico/Eficiencia_energetica/index.html

Research topics in green ICT (June 1st)

Research topics in green ICT - Candidate speakers
Speaker Subject Status
Jon Crowcroft Data centers? Confirmed
Jean-Yves Le Boudec Wireless networks? Confirmed

Paul Kuhn  ? Confirmed

Hermann De Meer  ? Confirmed
Dejan Kostic  ? Confirmed

Other potential speakers

Green Networking:

• Rajesh Gupta http://www.green-communications.net/globecom09/docs/GreenComm-GLOBECOM09-1-1-Gupta.pdf

• Bob Metcalfe - The Enernet http://blog.p2pfoundation.net/enernet-the-internet-of-energy/2009/10/11

• Mike Bennett LBNL (energy efficient ethernet) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=df3zlGtq9DI

• Amin Vahdat (data centers: has nothing specifically on EE, apparently) http://cseweb.ucsd.edu/~vahdat/

• Ken Christensen http://www.csee.usf.edu/~christen/energy/main.html

Networking for EE:

• Michael Chertkov: research challenges in smart grids http://cnls.lanl.gov/~chertkov/

• Ken Oshman , Bea Yormark, Echelon (building management, lighting management, smart grids) http://www.echelon.com/ - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D_bGiANVkm0

• James J. Nutaro (ORNL) - smart grids -Modeling Power Systems of the Future: Information Technology and Power System Dynamics http://cnls.lanl.gov/~chertkov/SmarterGrids/Talks/Nutar

Comments and suggestions

It would probably be useful to have data such as proposed dates, venues etc here ASAP.

I guess there will also be future sections on: agenda; reading list?; Accommodation (recommended hotels?); social event(s) - what, where, when (Mark)

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