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EPG/Player Guide

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This is the Player's Guide, aka the Help File. The games at EyePlayGames are based on the board game Robo Rally. There are many similarities but also quite a few differences between the board game and the online game. In general, if you've played the board game, you'll pick up the online game pretty easily.

Robo Runner Guide

Robo Runner: Be the first to repair (if needed) and inspect all of the ship's hull damage... or make sure you're the only robot left to do the job by killing all the other robots!

Robo Recon Guide

Robo Recon: Go 1-on-1 or work together in teams to move a power crystal back to your home base before the other team gets it to theirs. Very capture-the-flag-ish.

Robo Arena Guide

Robo Arena: Every bot for themselves... kill 'em all before they kill you! The winner is the last bot standing.

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