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StarShip Element Sequencing Quick Reference

This is to document the sequence of the StarShip Elements for each phase of a turn. This quick reference is based on iiiHuman's StarShip Element Sequencing Page.

1. http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/f/f1/U%2B21F6.gif R240 R.gif Robots move in order of priority1.
2. TB3 R.gif RED Tractor Beams move robots 1 space.
3. TB3 R.gif TB2 R.gif RED and GREEN Tractor Beams both move robots 1 space.
4. TB3 R.gif TB2 R.gif TB1 R.gif RED, GREEN, and BLUE Tractor Beams all move robots 1 space.
5. RD L.gif Docking Arms push robots 1 space in order of priority1.
6. TW0 L.gif TW0 R.gif Twister Beams rotate robots 90° in the direction of the arrows.
7. TP0.gif TP1.gif TP2.gif TP3.gif Transporters teleport robots.
8. TH0.gif Thrusters burn robots.
9. R240 R.gif R100 R.gif Robots fire non-welding (robot damage) lasers in order of priority1.
10. R240 R.gif R100 R.gif Robots fire welding (IP repair) lasers in order of priority1.
11. IP1.gif IPs (Inspection Points) are considered inspected by robots.

1 lowest priority number goes first

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