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ESP and Psychic Ability

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Extra sensory perception or ESP

Extra Sensory Perception more commonly known as ESP is the direct relation between the mind and another object such as an event, person, or place.

There are three main types of ESP: Telepathy, Clairvoyance, and precognition. Some scientists consider there to be a fourth, retrocognition.

Telepathy is the direct response to an object or event, such as moving the object, or controlling the out come of an event. Some examples of this ESP is demonstrated in X-men, Jean Gray has the ability to move objects.

Clairvoyance is the alleged power to perceive, as though visually, objects or persons not discernible through the ordinary sense channels. Clairvoyance may occur in a supposedly normal state (second sight). Like in the Sixth Sense the little kid can see things the adults can not.

Precognition is the direct response to a future event. The person has nothing to do with this event they will just get a feeling of what will happen. An example of this is in Minority Report. The people that can tell the future are called Precogs short for precognition. In Star Wars the Jedi use precognitive abilities to predict were the blasters are coming so they can deflect them.

How to test your ESP

To test your Esp you will need 25 note cards (make sure the cards are thick so you can not see through them). On five of the note cards you must draw a five pointed star, on another five draw three wavy lines, on another five draw a circle, on another five draw a square, and on the last five draw a cross or plus sign.

You must have two people, the tester and the subject. The tester shuffles the deck of 25 cards, picks the top card and holds it up in front of their self making sure the subject does not see what shape is drawn on the card. The tester than concentrates on the card. The subject tries to guess the card. When the subject guesses the card the tester draws another one. The tester will keep track of the number of cards the subject got right and wrong. After going threw the whole deck count up how many the subject got right and wrong, refer to the table.

  1. of Hits


ESP strength






Not significant










9 and above




  1. Make sure the subject can not see through the card to the symbol.
  2. Make sure the tester is looking at the card and concentrating on the shape
  3. Some tests have been found that moods can affect how well the subject does, the more relaxed and calm the subject is the better they do, the tenser, frightened or angered the subject is the worse they will do.
  4. Calling a card, if you are the subject, relax concentrate on the card, do not call the card until the shape comes to you, if you have to choose between two shapes go with the own you thought of first.



Retrieved 1/12/07

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