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Econjobmarket 1011

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Economics Job Market Wiki - Interviews and Flyouts for 2010-2011

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This site exists to disseminate information concerning the economics (and economics-related) job market. This page has information on institutions hiring during 2010-2011, who they have interviewed, whether have they invited candidates for visits, and whether they have made offers.

These tables may be edited by any user and should be used to record confirmed information. Post rumors and other discussion of the job market to the economics job market message forum.

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Jobs Table (Employers A-Z)

Start the 2010-2011 Tables below:

School Field ASSA/AEA Interviews (other conference) Earliest known AEA call Most recent AEA call Rejection Letter Campus Invitations: Earliest Invitation Offer Made Offer Accepted
Aarhus Any Field Yes 12/7 (email) Veramendi, (NWU), Mueller (IIES), H Herz (Zürich), Raff (SIFR), Dan (Toronto), Trindade (NWU), Simon (MIT), Simats (Toulouse/NWU), Loeper (Sr-Toulouse/NWU)
Abt Associates Yes 12/3 (email) Yes Nisar (Wisconsin)
Academia Sinica, Institute of Economics Any Field Yes 12/23 (email) Yes Yes Yang (Rochester)
Acumen Health/Public/Labor Yes 12/7
American Enterprise Institute Yes Yes
Appalachian State University Yes 12/7 (email) Ince (Houston) Ince (Houston)
American University Applied Microeconometrics Yes 12/8 12/10 Schmierer (Chicago)
American University of Beirut General Yes
Amherst College Development Yes 12/9 12/17 (email) Singh(LSE) Singh
Analysis Group Yes 12/15 (email) 12/16 (email) Yes
Arizona State University Environmental Yes 12/14 Gillingham (Stanford), Brinkman (CMU) search cancelled
Auburn Any Field Yes 11/29 (email) YES Yes
Augsburg College Macro/International Yes 12/22 (email)
Augustana College Any Field Yes 12/16 (email) 12/20 (email) Yes
Australian National University Yes 12/13 (email) Yes http://cbe.anu.edu.au/schools/eco/seminars/special.asp
BIS Yes 12/3 (email) Yes
Bank of Canada Any Field Yes 12/14 (email) Yes 1/20 Yes Yes
Bank of England Yes 12/8 (email) 12/24 (email) Yes
Bank of Italy Yes 12/15 (email) Masolo (Northwestern), Leonello (EUI), Gaballo (EUI), Formai (Stockholm), Kirchner (Amsterdam), Miccoli (Stanford), Pignatti (NYU and LUISS), Lancia (Cath.Univ.Milan and Bologna), Bottero (Stockholm), Bobba (PSE), Narita (UCL), Ozkan (UPenn), Barany (LSE), Rossi (UC), Barattieri (Boston), Burlon (UAB), Manaresi (Bologna), Biavaschi (Rutgers), Tasso (Boston), Caldara (Stockholm) Yes Yes
Bank of Spain Yes 12/3 (email) Caldara (IIES), Gaballo (EUI), Villegas (U Houston), Tovar (Cambridge), Sterk (U Amsterdam), Banegas (UCSD), Modugno (ECB)
Banque de France Yes 12/9 (email) Yes
Bates White IO Yes 12/6 12/17 Yes Yes
Baylor University Macro Yes 12/17 12/19
Belmont University General Yes 12/18
Bethany College General Yes 12/13 12/16
Bilkent University General Yes 12/17 Nichifor (Maastricht) Yes Yes (2)
Binghamton University Yes 12/9 (email) Lee (BU), Lindner (Mich), Walsh (Mich-Ford), Flores-Lagunes & Carrion-Flores (Florida, sr) yes (Flores x 2)
BlackRock Yes 11/23 (email) 12/03 (email) yes
Bocconi University, Decision Sciences Any Field Yes Yes
Bocconi University, Economics Department Any Field Yes Wu (LSE), Pomeranz (Harvard), Fergusson (MIT), Burchardi (LSE), Thomas (UCL), Dippel (Toronto), Jakiela (Washington St. Louis), Ozier (Berkeley), Kotowski (Berkeley), Gulesci (LSE), Trindade (Northwestern), Lopez (UCLA) Yes Gulesci (LSE)
Bocconi University, Finance Department Finance Yes Gabbaro (LBS), Peijnenberg (Tilburg), Metzger (LSE), Fedaseyeu (BC), Golez (UPF), Cvijanovic (LSE) Yes Yes
Bocconi University, Institutional Analysis and Public Management Department Public Ec, Education, Health, Law and Economics Yes Yes Pinotti
Bogazici University Econometrics/finance/macro/trade Yes 12/28 YES 01/24
Boston College Intnl Trade Yes 12/06 Bilir (Stanford), Dix-Carneiro (Princeton), Morales (Harvard), Mrazova (Oxford), Ying Li (Colorado) Yes N. Malenko
Boston University Economics Yes 12/07 Kehinde Ajayi
Boston University Management Yes 12/07
Brandeis University Microeconomics Yes 12/8(email) Yes
Brattle Group Yes 11/30 12/7 (email) Yes
Bridgewater State University Economics of Education/Macro/Experimental
Brown University Yes 12/9 Parro (Chicago), Weidner (USC), Jochmans (CORE, early)
Bryant University Macroeconomics Yes 12/8 (email) 12/3
Bureau of Economic Analysis (National Economic Accts) Any Field Yes 11/29 (email)
Bureau of Economic Analysis (Office of Chief Economist) Any Field Yes 12/14 12/15 Yes 1/12 Closed, no hire
Cal State, Fresno Macro Yes 12/09 Yes
Cal State, Fullerton Financial Econometrics, Economic History Yes 12/17 (call) Yes
Cal State, Northridge Any Field Yes 12/01 Yes Yes
California Institute of Technology Any Field Yes Matt Elliot (Stanford), Charles Sprenger (UCSD), Ozgur Evren (NYU), Lucas Maestri (Yale), Natalia Lazzati (Arizona), Terence Johnson (Maryland), Kota Saito (Northwestern), Takuro Yamashita (Stanford) Yes Saito
Cambridge Any Field Sampson, Mengel, Jochmans, Wallace, Kutlu, Zhou, Gill
Carleton University Public Yes Yes, when? Yes Yes Gross (UC Santa Barbara)
Carnegie Mellon Tepper Yes 12/03 (email) Econ: Ali Shourideh (UMN), Rafael Dix-Carneiro (Princeton), Venkateswaran (UCLA), Anenberg (Duke), Anna Orlik (NYU), Rebecca Lessem (Wisconsin), Serdar Ozcan (Penn), Kei Kawai (Northwestern), Myrto Kalouptsidi (Yale); Finance: Nowotony (UCLA), Duarte (MIT), Glover (Penn) Venkateswaran, Lessem, Glover Lessem, Glover
Case Western Reserve University Weatherhead Sch of Management Applied Micro Yes 12/15 Yes
Cass Business School (City University London) Finance: Asset pricing, Banking, Int'l finance
CCER, Peking University Economics Yes 12/21 (email)
CEMFI Any Field Priscila Souza (Yale), Dario Caldara (IIES), Leopoldo Fergusson (MIT), Konrad Burchardi (LSE), Carolina Gonzalez-Velosa (Maryland), Joan Farre-Mensa (NYU), Dina Pomeranz (Harvard), Ruiz (UCLA) Yes
Census Bureau (HHES) Yes 12/10 Yes
Center for Economic Studies (Census Bureau) Any Field Yes 12/10 (email) Mustre Del Rio (Rochester), Graciano (WSU), McGahee (UGA), Rakhman (GWU), Kamal (Syracuse), Champion (Stanford), Smith (BU), Raval (Chicago), Lessem (Wisconsin), Issoufou (Berkeley), Walsh (Michigan) 1/13
Center for Growth and Development (Post-doc) Development Yes 12/10 (email) Yes Yes
Central Bank of Turkey Macro Yes Ekinci (Rochester), Sunel (Maryland), Kabaca (UBC), Akbas (Texas A&M) Yes Ekinci, Sunel
Central College Yes 12/15 (email)
Central European University Yes 12/16 (email) Grattan (BU), Chiquero (BU), Lichagin (PennState), Ekinci (Rochester), Wright (UC Davis), Caldara (IIES) Lychagin
Central Washington University Phone 1/13 (email) Yes (1/24) Yes
Charles River Associates Competition Yes 12/3 12/14
Charles River Associates Labor and Employment Yes 12/8
Charles River Associates Life Sciences Yes 12/7
Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business Finance Yes 12/05
CICC (China) Yes 01/04
City University of Hong Kong Economics and Finance Yes 12/20 (email)
Claremont Graduate University Yes 12/14 (email)
Claremont McKenna Yes 12/06
Clark Macro Yes 12/07 12/14 Yes
Clarkson University Macro Yes 12/14 Yes
CNA Yes 11/29 12/17 (email) Yes Yes
Colby College Yes 12/7 Yes
Colgate University Finance Yes 12/8 Yes 1/12 yes yes
Colgate University Micro/Behavioral Yes 12/8 Yes Yes Yes
College of the Holy Cross Macro, Int'l finance Yes 12/07 (email) Yes Yes Yes
College of William and Mary regulatory policy Yes 12/07 yes yes Parman (NWU/UC Davis)
Collegio Carlo Alberto Yes 12/11(email) Zymek (UPF), Ajello (Northwestern), Lavetti (Cornell), Li (Princeton), Maurel (CREST), Souza (Yale), Maestri (Yale), Martins (Columbia)
Columbia Econ Yes 12/07 Lucas Maestri (Yale), Eduardo Morales (Harvard), John Zhu (Berkeley), Marika Cabral (Stanford), Alex Torgovitsky (Yale), Willemien Kets (Stanford) , Neale Mahoney (Stanford), Matt Elliot (Stanford), Amanda Pallais (MIT) Mahoney, Morales, Kets
Columbia Business School (Micro) Yes 12/16 Yes Koudijs (UPF), Mueller (IIES)
Colorado School of Public Health Health Economics Yes
Compass Lexecon Yes 12/09 Yes
Congressional Budget Office Health Economist Yes 12/03
Connecticut College Yes 12/10 12/17
Copenhagen Business School Economics Yes 12/14 (email) Herdis (Columbia), Khorunzhina (Pitt), Dardati (Texas), Lutz (UCR), Bom (Tilburg), Trindade (Northwestern), Lai (UoT), Croce (OSU), Ajello (Northwestern) Yes Yes
Cornell - Economics Any field Yes Reguant (MIT), Mestieri (MIT), Lazzati (Arizona), Schrimpf (MIT), Levy (Berkeley & Harvard), Elliott (Stanford), Ruiz (UCLA), Schaner (MIT), Barczyk (NYU)
Cornell - Applied Econ Environmental Economics Yes 11/30 Koichiro Ito (Berkeley) http://www.dyson.cornell.edu/research/index.php
Cornell - ILR Labor Yes 12/9 (e-mail) Mansfield (Yale), Pallais (MIT), Lehmann (BU), Schmierer (Chicago), Prowse (Oxford), Mogstad (Oslo), Ajayi (Berkeley), Voena (Stanford) Ajayi (Berkeley) Mansfield (Yale), Prowse (Oxford)
Cornell - PAM Health, Quant. Methods Mariana Carrera, Leila Agha, Mahoney, Schwab, Ziebarth Ziebarth, Fitzpatrick, Clark
Cornerstone Research Micro, IO, Labor, Finance Yes 11/19 12/06, 12/14 12/10, 1/12(call for office interview) yes
CREI Post-Doc Skype 12/15
Dartmouth Tuck School International Yes 12/08 Monte (Chicago), others yes Blanchard (UVA)
Davidson College Yes 12/11 12/21
Deloitte, Transfer Pricing Group Yes 12/22 (email) Yes Yes 12/2 Yes
Deutsche Bundesbank Yes 12/27 (email)
Dept of Justice Economic Analysis Group Yes 12/07 (Email) 12/13 (Email)
Drake University Yes 12/13 12/21 Yes Yes
Drew University Labor Yes 12/9 (email) Yes Yes
Drexel University Micro, Metrics Yes 12/6 12/9 http://www.lebow.drexel.edu/Faculty/Departments/Economics/Seminars.php
Duke Yes 12/12 Yamashita (Stanford), Maurel (Duke), Reguant (MIT), Starc (Harvard), Paciorek (Penn), Sanders (Wisc), Lewis (Mich) Macartney (Toronto), Schaner (MIT), Raval (Chicago), Rossi (UCSD), Li (Princeton), Smith (NYU), Kehrig (Northwestern), Xiu (Princeton), Weidner (USC), Yamamoto (Harvard) Yes Maurel, Li, Macartney
Duke - Fuqua Yes 12/8 Bradyn Breon-Drish, Kelly Shue, Kinda Hachem, Barney Hartman-Glaser, Brent Glover, Fernando Duarte, Thomas Eisenbach, Xavier Giroud, Jiro Kondo, Anna Cieslak Yes Hartman-Glaser
Duke GHI Phone 12/19 Chakravarty (UCL)
Duke - Sanford School of Public Policy Education 12/2
East Carolina Univ. Economics Yes 12/21 (email)
Eastern Washington University Any Field Yes 12/6 (email)
eBay Labs
ECB Macro Yes 12/20 (email)
E.I.E.F. Finance Yes 12/7 (email) 12/8 (e-mail) Raff (Toulouse), Andrikogiannopoulou (Princeton), Bojilov (Columbia), Kovbasyuk (Toulouse), Zheng (WUSTL), Kahraman (Yale), Fuster (Harvard), Liu (Chicago), Boyarchenko (Booth), Golez (Pompeu Fabra), Anton (LSE)
ENSAE/Ecole Polytechnique Yes 12/19 (email) Yes
Emmanuel College Yes 12/23
Emory University Yes 12/14 yes Chavez
EPA-NCEE Yes 12/7 Yes No
EPFL Post-doc Yes Solomon (Montreal/THEMA), Ajello (NWU), Jacob (Ghent), Blengini (BC), Gulan (Rutgers), Stepanchuk (UPenn) 1/25
Erasmus University Rotterdam Economics Yes Yes
Ernst and Young Finance Yes 12/02
Ernst and Young Transfer Pricing Yes 11/30 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
ESSEC Business School, Paris Finance Yes 12/12 Yes
ETH Zurich PostDoc 12/20
EUI (post doc) Any Field No 11/30 12/08 (e-mail) 12/16
Fairfield University Public Economics Yes 12/1 Yes Yes Yes
Federal Communications Commission Applied Micro Yes 12/14
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Yes 12/2 (email) 12/16 (email)
Federal Housing Finance Agency Yes 11/29 yes
Federal Reserve Bank of Boston Yes 12/17 Yes
Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland Yes 12/03 Yes Yes
Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City Yes 12/13 Yes Yes Mustre del Rio (Rochester), Tuzeman (UMD)
Federal Reserve Bank of New York Yes 12/13 (email)
Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia Yes 12/03
Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond modeling and analysis Yes 12/14 (email) Yes Yes Yes
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis Yes 12/13 Yes
Federal Reserve Board Yes 12/03 12/13 (email) Yes December Yes Yue (Sr-NYU), Ozcan (Penn), Verani (UCSB), Iercosan (UMD), Ajello (NWU)
Federal Trade Commission Yes 12/09 12/13
FGV-Rio (EPGE) Any field Yes 12/07 (call) 12/13 (call) Akhmetova, Fajgelbaum, Fujiwara, Gross, Maestri, Rodriguez, Trindade, Verani,Yamashita 1/27
Florida International U International Macro Yes 12/03 (email) Tabova (Duke), Wagner (Harvard), Komatsuzaki (UMD)
Florida State U Macroeconomics Yes 12/05 Peterman(UCSD), Chen(UT-Austin) yes Chen
Food and Drug Administration Any Field Yes 11/26 (email)
Fordham University Macroeconomics Yes 12/2 yes
Fordham University Environmental Yes 12/3 yes
Franklin College Phone 1/11
Franklin & Marshall Yes 12/16 (email) yes Search cancelled
Furman University Macro/Financial Econ Yes 12/2 yes yes yes (visiting)
George Mason University, ICES Microeconomics Yes 12/10(email) 12/15(email) yes (4) yes yes
George Washington Development Yes 12/11 Yes
Georgia Gwinnett College Yes 12/06 Yes (1/26)
Georgia Institute of Technology Any Yes 12/7 Shen (UT Austin), Lazkano (Calgary), Sipic (Oregon), Johnson (Michigan)
Georgia State U Yes 12/10
Georgia Southern U Yes 11/16 11/11
Governors State U 12/3 (phone interview) -
Gustavus Adolphus College Financial Yes 12/14(call) Yes
The Graduate Institute, Geneva Development Economics/Applied Micro Yes 12/2 (email)
Hamilton College, Clinton NY Macro Yes 12/13 Yes 1/11 Yes
Harvard, Economics Department Any Field Yes 12/6 12/8 Weyl (Harvard), Voena (Stanford), Mahoney (Stanford), Pallais (MIT), Wolitzky (MIT), Kei Kawai 12/14 (early) Pallais (MIT)
Harvard, Kennedy School Any Field Yes 12/10 Keniston (MIT), Sprenger (UC-San Diego), Voena (Stanford), Elliot (Stanford), Macartney (Toronto), Kotowski (UC-Berkeley), Bryan (Yale) Voena, Kotowski (UC-Berkeley) Kotowski
Harvard, School of Public Health (Health Economics Program) Health, Development, Behavior, Experimental Yes 12/10 Melissa Hidrobo (Berkeley), Eeshani Kandpal (UIUC), Margaret McConnell (Harvard), Ben Schwab (Wisconsin) McConnell (Harvard) McConnell (Harvard)
Harvard, School of Public Health (Health Systems Program) Health, Econometrics, Development, Experimental Yes 12/10 Goodarz Danaei (Harvard), Analia Olgiati (Princeton), Kavi Bhalla (Harvard)
HEC - Lausanne (1) Theory, (2)Macro-Jr, (3) Macro-Sr Yes 12/23(email) (1) Manjunath (Rochester), Fuster (Harvard), Serra-Garcia (Tilburg), Herz (Zurich), Pomeranz (Harvard); (2) Parsa (MIT), Amand (Yale), Ajello (NW), Simon (MIT), Mueller (IIES), Schaal (Princeton), Taschereau-Dumouchel (Princeton), Foley-Fisher (LSE), Furth (Rochester); (3) Dedola (ECB), Monnet (FRB-Phila), Rohner (Zurich) Yes (senior macro, micro, jr macro)
HEC - Lausanne Emp. Methods Yes 12/23(email) De Neve (LSE), Bruhin (Zurich), Maurel (Duke)
HEC - Montreal Any Yes 12/10(email) Coviello (Harvard), Maurel (Duke), Dan (Toronto), Bauner (Duke), Cruz Morais(UCLA) Coviello, Maurel Coviello
HEC - Paris Finance Yes 12/7
HBS Yes 12/3 Yes Yes (Entrepreneurial Management, NOM)
Higher School of Economics International Economics Yes 12/9(email)
High Point University Money and Macro Yes 12/19 (email) Yes Yes
Hillsdale College General Yes 12/17 Yes (1/21)
Hong Kong Univ. of Sci. & Tech. Economics Yes 12/17 Xi Weng (Penn), Yonghong An (Johns Hopkins)
Hunter College Yes 12/16 (email) Zheng (WashU), Holter (Penn), Chen (UT Austin), Kitao (NYfed), Halket (UCL)
IDE-JETRO Yes 12/17 (email)
IIES, Stockholm University General Yes Pomeranz (Harvard), Wu(LSE), Burchardi(LSE), Sterk (Amsterdam School of Economics), Casey (Brown), Sampson (Harvard), Dippel (Toronto), Almenberg (SIFR), Taschereau-Dumouchel (Princeton), Garcia-Jimeno (MIT), Mogstad (Statistics Norway) Yes Konrad B. Burchardi(LSE)
IESE Economics (Micro/Macro) Yes 12/11 (email) Yes
IESE Finance Yes 12/7 (email)
IFPRI MTID Postdoc Yes 12/15(email) 12/7 (email) Brock (Maryland), Vasilaky (Maryland), Souza (Yale)
IFPRI DSG Postdoc Yes 12/15(email) 12/7 (email) Uaiene (IIAM), Azzarri (Rome)
IFPRI PHND Postdoc Yes 12/15(email) 12/7 (email) Brock (Maryland), Vasilaky (Maryland), Singh (LSE), Shapira (UPenn), Kosec (Stanford), Ozier (Berkeley), Schwab (Wisconsin), Hidrobo (Berkeley), Phillips (Boston College)
IHME (Post-doc) Health  ? 12/8 (email for phone interview)
IMPAQ All Yes 12/14 12/15 Yes Yes Lara-Ibarra (UMD)
Imperial College London Finance Yes 12/3
IMT Lucca Yes 12/17 Garcia-Jimeno (MIT), Jochmans, Manaresi (Bologna), Mestieri (MIT), Petersen, Santarosa, Tealdi, Zylberger (PSE), Zymek Yes Tealdi (NWU)
IMDEA Social Sciences Institute Any Yes 12/3 Fajgelbaum (Princeton), Kline (EUI), Mestieri (MIT), Reuter (Emory/Columbia), Fergusson (MIT), Dippel (Toronto), Simon (MIT), Fuchs (Berkeley), Koudijs (Pompeu Fabra), Reguant (MIT), Wright (UC Davis), Spiller (Duke) Yes
Indiana-Kelley Micro,IO yes 12/13 Yes
Institute for Defense Analyses any yes 11/17 (email) 12/13 (email) Yes
Institute for Financial Management and Research C5, D, E, G, O2 yes 12/21 (email)
Institute for Advanced Studies, Vienna AF yes Berenguer (UC3), Biro (CEU), Jochmans (CORE), Kasy (Berkeley), Joan Llull (CEMFI), Muris (Tilburg), Simon (MIT) 1/13
International Monetary Fund EP Program no 11/22
ISET (Tbilisi, Georgia) any yes 12/17 (email)
ITAM Any Field Yes
Johns Hopkins University (Carey Business School) Any Boyarchenko (Booth), Mele (UIUC), Monte (Chicago) Monte (Chicago), Mele (UIUC)
Kansas State Development Yes 11/29 (email) 12/14 (email) http://www.k-state.edu/economics/seminars/sem.htm
Kansas State Macro Yes 12/16 (email) http://www.k-state.edu/economics/seminars/sem.htm
Kent State Macro yes 12/10 Yes
Koc University Macro yes 12/14 (email) 12/22
Lake Forest College Finance yes 12/17 Yes
LBS Finance yes 12/10
Lebanese American University yes 12/10
Lehigh University Yes 12/2
Lewis and Clark Yes 12/8 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Liberty Mutual Yes 12/3 Yes 1/7
Liverpool Yes 12/20 (e-mail) Yes 1/13 Alejandro Bernales (Manchester), Klaas Schulze (Bonn)
Loyola Marymount Yes 12/2 Lehmann (BU), Gallagher (Berkeley), D'Evelyn (Hawaii), Leibbrandt (Chicago), Tanaka (BU) Yes D'Evelyn
London School of Economics Any field Weyl (early), Bianchi (Maryland), Fajgelbaum (Princeton), Weidner (USC), Presno (NYU), Sampson (Harvard), Schaner (MIT), Caldara (IIES), Li (Berkeley), Bryan (Yale), Kasy (Berkeley) Bryan, Weidner, Bianchi Bryan
London School of Economics Finance Malenko (2x), Eisenbach, Pan, Townsend, Baghai, Sunderam, Xu September (early)
LSE - Developing Studies Public Policy 11/30
Maastricht University Finance Yes 12/15 (email)
Macalester Macro Yes 12/7 (email) Furth (Rochester), Solis-Garcia (Minn), Pargianas (Brown), +1 1/19 Yes Yes
Mathematica Policy Research Human Services Research Yes 12/9 Yes Yes
McGill University Any Yes 12/8 (email) yes yes yes Barczyk (NYU)
McMaster University Any Yes 12/14 (email)
MDRC Any Yes 12/15
Miami University - Ohio Quant Yes 12/7
Michigan State University Macro Yes Wu (UCSD), Foerster (Duke), Sterk (Amsterdam)
Middle Tennessee State University Yes 12/7 (email) Yes Roach (NWU)
Middlebury College International Economics, Econ Dev Yes 12/8 12/9 yes yes
Mississippi State Yes 12/7 Yes 1/13
Missouri S&T Yes 12/29
MIT Any Field Yes 12/9 (email) 12/14 (email) Glen Weyl (Harvard), Daniel Shoag (Harvard) 1/18
Monash Any Field Yes 9/30 (email) 12/10 (e-mail) http://www.buseco.monash.edu.au/eco/special-economics-seminars.html Leibbrandt (Zurich/Chicago)
Montana State University Macro Yes 12/10 12/17 yes yes yes
Moody's KMV Yes 11/24 (email)
Mount St. Mary's University Quant Yes 12/16
Moravian College Microeconomics Yes 12/22 (email)
National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS) Applied Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Public Economics, International Finance Yes 12/13 (email) Yes (email) Capatina, Ito(Berkeley), Thomassen(Leuven), Zhang(Maryland), Wakamori(Penn)
National Taiwan University Any Field Yes
National Tsing Hua University Microeconomics, Public Economics Yes 12/3 (email)
National University of Singapore Economics Yes 12/8 (email) 12/15 (email) Yes Yes Sng (deferred)
National University of Singapore Strategy & Policy Yes 12/9 (email)
Naval Postgraduate School Finance, Financial Economics Yes 12/13 Yes
NERA Yes 12/8 Yes
New College of Florida Micro, IO, Environmental Yes 12/12
New Economic School in Moscow Any field Yes 12/2 (email) Yes
New Mexico State Health, Economic Development Yes 11/22 Yes 1/14
Norges Bank Macro Yes 12/20 Yes Yes
North Central College Macro & Development Yes 12/15 Yes No (search postponed)
Northwestern University (Kellogg) Management & Strategy Yes 12/7 Ina Ganguli (Harvard), Amanda Starc (Harvard), Michael Dickstein (Harvard), Konrad Burchardi (LSE), Leila Agha (MIT), Christopher Stanton (Stanford), Hong Luo (NYU)
Northwestern University (Kellogg) MEDS Alexander Wolitzky, Matthew Elliot, Dylan Minor, Justin Tumilson, Camilo Garcia-Jimeno, Willemien Kets, John Y. Zhu, Weng Xi, Alexander P Frankel Kets
Northwestern University Any Field Yes 12/8 Alex Torgovitsky (Yale), Vaidyanathan Venkateswaran(UCLA), Gharad Bryan (Yale), Peter Koudijs (Pompeu Fabra), Andreas Mueller (IIES), Michael Dickstein (Harvard), Pascaline Dupas (UCLA), Ali Shourideh (Minnesota, Daniel Keniston (MIT), Michael Ostrovsky (Stanford), Pablo Fajgelbaum (Princeton, Mar Reguant (MIT), Matthew Elliott (Stanford, Glen Weyl (Harvard Society of Fellows) Keniston, Koudijs, Mueller, Reguant, Shourideh, Torgovitsky, Weyl Torgovitsky
NYU Any Field Yes 11/22 12/22 Weyl (early), Song(Fudan), Bianchi , Kalouptsidi, Macartney, Schaal, Kawai (Northwestern), Kasy (Berkeley), Frankel, Sato, Mehta, Bryan, Darden, Voena, Koudijs September (early) Schaal, Koudijs
NYU Stern Any Field Mahoney, Kalouptsidi, Lazzati, Kawai, Zhou, Koudijs, Rizova, Malenko, Hanson, Hachem, Breon-Drish (Berkeley), Hizmo Zhou, Kawai, Hizmo
Oberlin College Labor/IO (3yr visiting) Yes 01/05 Yes (02/18)
OECD (YPP) Yes 12/1 (Phone Interview)
Ohio State Public Health Health Services Mgmt and Policy No 12/9 (Phone Interview)
The Ohio State University Any Yes 12/13 Giroud (NYU), Nowotny (UCLA), Donangelo (Haas), Farre-Mensa (NYU), Tian (MIT), Boyarchenko (Booth), Hu (Princeton), Sunderam (Harvard), Ruiz(UCLA)
Oklahoma State University Energy Yes yes
Old Dominion University Macro Yes 12/10 Yes
Oregon State Quant Policy Analysis, Adv Quant Methods Yes 12/10 12/13 Nosko (Harvard), Kosloski (IA State), Johnston (LSE), Handley (UMD), Mungan (BC-GMU), Spiller (Duke), Gillingham (Stanford), Fasang (Yale), Soderberry (UC-Davis) http://oregonstate.edu/dept/econ/seminars
OxCarre International Yes, "informal" 12/23(email) Yes Yes
Ozyegin University Any Yes 12/16 Yes Yes
Peking University, HSBC Business School Any Field Yes
Penn State Yes 12/14 Yes Yes Venkateswaran
Pompeu Fabra Any Yes 12/9 (email) Choirat, Konrad, Fajgelbaum (Princeton), Bohn, Burchardi (LSE), Trindade (Northwestern), Brownlees (Florence), Dippel (Toronto), Maurel (Duke), Ferguson (MIT), Kets, Heller (Tel Aviv), Ziebarth (Berlin), Joan Llull (CEMFI) Yes
Pompeu Fabra (CREI) Any Yes 12/1 (email) 12/10 (email) Fajgelbaum (Princeton), Pomeranz (Harvard), Caldara (IIES), Sampson (Harvard), Dippel (Toronto), Taschereau-Dumouchel (Princeton), Morales (Harvard), Sterk (Amsterdam), Schaal (Princeton), Venkateswaran (UCLA), Orlik (NYU), Presno (NYU) Morales
Portland State University Environmental Economics Yes 12/6 (email) Yes
Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile Any field Yes 12/20 (email) Solis-García (Minnesota), Juan Urquiza (Houston)
Pricewaterhousecoopers LLP any Yes 12/14 12/16 yes
Princeton University Any Yes 12/13 Glen Weyl, Alexander Wolitzky, Amanda Starc, Thomas Fujiwara, Stefano Giglio, Amanda Pallais, Tom Vogl, Judd Kessler, Kelly Shue, Myrto Kalouptsidi, Mar Reguant, Eduardo Morales, Venky Venkateswaran, Ali Shourideh, Kei Kawai, Daniel Keniston 12/1 Reguant, Wolitzky, Fujiwara, Vogl, Shue, Kalouptsidi, Kawai, Keniston Fujiwara, Kalouptsidi, Vogl
Purdue Applied Micro Yes 12/15 12/21 (email) Yes
Purdue (Ag Econ) Development Yes 12/20
Quant Economics Yes 12/9 Yes Yes
RAND Yes 12/9 (phone)
Renmin University of China School of Economics Yes 12/21 (email)
Renmin University of China (Hanqing Institute) Yes 12/14 (phone) Yes(1/13)
Resources for the Future Yes 12/17 Yes Yes Yes
Royal Holloway Yes 12/10 (email) Yes
RTI International Health Yes 12/8 (email) Yes
Ryerson University General Yes 12/22 Capatina, Hachem, Barczyk, Sun, An, Lychagin, Biavaschi, Ahn, Kumar, Schulze, Kim, Zissimos, Yao; http://www.ryerson.ca/economics/seminars/ 1/10
Sabanci University General Yes 12/17 Yes, http://econ.sabanciuniv.edu/eng/?activities/seminars.php Search canceled
Saint Mary's College of Maryland Environmental Yes 12/3 (email)
Santa Clara University Macro Yes 12/3 12/6 Fernholz (Berkeley), Pienknagura (MIT), Barattieri (BC), Rothschild (Wharton), Ajello (Northwestern), Zhang (Berkeley)
Savannah College of Art & Design 11/29
Sciences Po Jochmans (CORE), Sterk (Amsterdam), Oikonomou (LSE), Gratton (BU), Simon (MIT), Barany (LSE), Parsa (MIT), Dix-Carneiro (Princeton), Kasy (UC Berkeley), Pomeranz (Harvard), Schaal (Princeton), Bordalo (Harvard), Kocer (NYU), Wallace (Cambridge)
Seattle University Public Yes 12/14 (email)
Seattle University Development Yes 12/14 (email) yes
Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Economics Yes 12/18(email)
Shanghai Univ. of Finance and Economics Economics Yes 12/7(email)
Shanghai Univ. of Finance and Economics School of International Business Administration Yes 12/16(email)
ShanDong Univ. (China) Econ, Any Yes 12/6 (email)
Simon Fraser Any Yes 12/14 (email) yes, 12 flyouts scheduled
Sogang Univ. (Korea) Econ, Any Yes 12/6
Sonoma State University Env, Public, Urban Yes 12/3 (email) Yes (1/10) Yes Yes
Southern Methodist Univ Metrics/Macro Yes 12/15 (email)
Southwestern University of Finance and Economics Any Yes 12/16 (email)
Stanford Economics Any field Yes Weyl, Dickstein, Ericson (Harvard), Fajelbaum, Keniston, Schaner, Shue, Sprenger (UCSD), Wolitzky (MIT) Wolitzky, Dickstein, Sprenger Wolitzky, Sprenger
Stanford Institute for Economic Policy - Post-doc Any Yes 12/06 12/07 Ito (Berkeley), Ajayi (Berkeley), Clemens, Lavetti (Cornell), Lawver, Mark Anderson (Washington-Seattle), Handley, Fattal Jaef, Goldberg (Michigan-Ford) Yes Handley (UMD), Clemens, Ito
Stanford GSB (1) Finance, (2) Econ, (3)Political Economy Yes 12/06 12/13 (1)Stefano Giglio, Maya Eden, Kelly Shue, Andres Donangelo (Berkeley), Thomas Elsenbach, Sergei Kovbasyuk, Bradyn Breon-Drish (Berkeley), Anna Cieslak, Xavier Giroud, Peter Koudijs; (2) Li (Berkeley), Wolitsky (MIT), Keniston (MIT), Lu (Chicago), Thomas (UCL), Dickstein (Harvard), Reguant (MIT), Venkanteswaran (UCLA), Wu (LSE). (3) Casey (Brown), Dippel (Toronto), Fujiwara (UBC) (1)Stefano Giglio (Harvard), Kelly Shue (Harvard), Bradyn Breon-Drish (Berkeley), Peter Koudijs (Pompeu) Bradyn Breon-Drish
Stockholm Institute of Transition Economics Yes 12/09 Hinnerich (Aarhus), Crost (Berkeley), Ganguli (HKS), Simon (MIT), Dippel (Toronto), Li (IIES)
Stockholm University (Department of Economics) Yes Bojilov (Columbia), Dreber (Stockholm School of Economics), Ziebarth (GIER), Sterk (Amsterdam), Andersson (Stockhom School of Economics), Mogstad (Oslo)
Stockholm - HHS (Finance) Yes Radwanski (Vienna), Peijnenburg (Tilburg), Golez (UPF), Doshi (McGill), Kokkonen (Aalto), Kahraman (Yale), Baghai (LBS), Prado (Rotterdam), Foote (LSE), Andrikogiannopoulou (Princeton), Larkin (Cornell), Cvijanovic (LSE), Metzger (LSE)
St. Lawrence Yes 12/8
St. Olaf College 12/16 (e-mail)
Suffolk University Public SEARCH CANCELLED (Budget)
SUNY Cortland Yes 12/17 (e-mail)
SUNY New Paltz International, Dev, Macro Yes 12/21 (e-mail)
SUNY Plattsburgh E F G I O R Phone Interview 11/17
SUNY Purchase Behavioral No 11/28 (skype interview)
Temple University Yes 12/7 Yes
Texas A&M, Bush School Yes 12/14
TOBB (Economics and Technology University) Yes 12/7 (e-mail) Ekinci (Rochester), others Yes
Toulouse School of Economics Any Yes 12/9 (e-mail) Schaal (Princeton), Chabé-Ferret, Zhou, Souza (Yale), Pomeranz (Harvard), Kalouptsidi (Yale), Weng (UPenn), Babus, Maestri (Yale), Leroux (UCL), Lavetti (Cornell), Kasy (Berkeley), Reguant (MIT), Fattal Jaef (UCLA), Mueller (IIES), Ozkan (UPenn) Yes Souza (Yale), Maestri (Yale), Yamashita (Stanford), Mestieri (MIT)
Tsinghua University Economics Yes 12/13
Tufts Macro Yes 12/10 (e-mail)
Union College (visiting) Phone 1/16
Tufts International Yes 12/10 (email)
Tulane Yes 12/8 Yes
UNC (Kenan Flagler) Finance Townsend (Harvard), A. Malenko (Stanford), N. Malenko (Stanford), Park (Wharton), Metzger (LSE), Babus (Princeton)
Universidad Carlos III Yes 12/7 Burchardi (LSE), Thomas (UCL), Mrázova (Oxford/LSE), Ziebarth (DIW), Loeper (Northwestern/Toulouse), Gee (Cambridge), Simon (MIT), Lubensky (Michigan), Seoane (Duke), Trindade (Northwestern), Sisak (St.Gallen/Berkeley), Lychagin (Penn State), Bauner (Duke), Zheng (WUSTL), Mustre del Rio (Rochester), Lazzati (Arizona), Pica (Salerno)
Universitat Autonoma Barcelona Applied Econ Yes 12/7 (email) Llull (CEMFI), Montes-Rojas (City University London), Leroux (CORE), Bobba (PSE), Berniell (UC3M)
Universitat Autonoma Barcelona Unit of Economic Analysis (UFAE) Yes 12/14 (email) Llull (CEMFI), Caldara (IIES), Serra-García (Tilburg), Gross (UC Santa Barbara), Lleras (UC Berkeley), Mestieri (MIT), Reguant (MIT), Bojilov (Columbia)
Universitat de Barcelona (Economic Theory) Macroeconomics, International Trade Yes Joel López Real (UAB), Alessandro Barattieri (Boston Col), Rigas Oikonomou (LSE), Daryna Grechyna (UAB), Eduardo Morales (Harvard), Francesco Lancia (Catholic U of Milan and Bologna), Sanne Hiller (Aarhus), Alessandro Mennuni (Southampton), Kristian Estevez (Florida), Lorenzo Burlon (UAB), Monika Mrazova (Oxford)
University College London Sterk (Amsterdam), Sato (LSE), Weidner (USC), Mogstad (Statistics Norway), Caldara (IIES), Weng (Penn), Bianchi (Maryland), Dix-Carneiro (Princeton), Voena (Stanford), Mahoney (Stanford), Kets (Stanford), Casey (Brown), Schaal (Princeton) Mogstad, Sterk, Weidner
Universitat de Girona Yes 12/2 (email)
Universite de Montreal Yes 12/13 (email) Macartney, Manjunath, Maurel, Galaabaatar, Barany, Amand, Ghossoub, Taschereau-Dumouchel, Kehrig, Mueller Yes Manjunath
Universite de Sherbrooke Yes 12/14 (email)
University of Adelaide Yes 12/06 (email)
University of Alabama Yes 12/05 (e-mail) 12/15 (e-mail) 1/18 Pflum (OSU), Givens (MTSU) Yes Pflum, Givens
University of Alaska Anchorage Energy economics Yes 12/10
University of Alicante Any 12/13 (email) Loeper (Northwestern), Natenzon (Princeton), Koppensteiner (Queen Mary)
University of Arkansas - Fayetteville Macro Yes 12/08 (Email) Yes Yes Yes
University of Arkansas - Fayetteville Micro Yes 12/13 (Email) 12/23 (Call) Yes
University of Arkansas at Little Rock Any Field Yes 12/9 (e-mail)
University of Arizona Yes 11/28 (e-mail) 12/9 (e-mail) Gillingham (Stanford), Monti (Texas), Varela (NW-Kellogg), Ito (Berkeley), Lemoine (Berkeley), Dardati (Texas) Varela, Lemoine
University of Auckland Macro Yes 12/7 (e-mail) Yes Yes (2)
University of Bath 12/21
University of Bristol Yes 11/26 Yes
University of British Columbia Yes 12/10 (e-mail) Xu, Wang, Cabral, Wan, Ericson (Harvard), Sprenger (UCSD), Weidner, Herz, Guner, Jochmans Schrimpf, Song
University of California - Berkeley, Economics Any Field Yes 12/8 Glen Weyl (Harvard, early), Alex Wolitzky (MIT), Jee-Yeon Lehmann (BU), Gharad Bryan (Yale), Yuichi Yamamoto (Harvard), Dan Lu (Chicago), Haluk Ergin (Duke, seasoned) September (early) Ergin
University of California - Berkeley (Haas) Economy Analysis and Policy Group Yes 12/6 (e-mail) 12/13 (e-mail)
University of California, Davis Agricultural & Resource Econ Yes 12/15 (email) 12/20 (email) Zhan (Brown), Deryugina (MIT), Ito (Berkeley)
University of California, Davis Economics Yes 12/8 (email) 12/20 Dippel (Toronto), M.S. Kim (UCSD), Nosko (Harvard), Ito (Berkeley), Weidner (USC), Gratton (Boston U), Gillingham (Stanford), Shen (UT Austin), Aiba (Wisconsin-Madison) Shen Shen
University of California - Irvine (Business School Economics/Public Policy) Health/IO Yes 12/7 (email)
University of California - Irvine Economics Yes 12/8 12/13 Ito (Berkeley), Dippel (Toronto), Pallais (MIT), Casey (Duke), An (Johns Hopkins), Maurel (Duke), Cabral (Stanford), Kaplan (Berkeley), Carvalho (Oxford), Liao (Yale)
University of California - Los Angeles Yes 12/3 Maximilian Kasy (UC Berkeley), Christian Dippel (University of Toronto), Rafael Dix-Carneiro (Princeton), Pablo Fajgelbaum (Princeton), Zhipeng Liao (Yale), Matthew Elliot (Stanford), Kei Kawai (Northwestern), Daniel Xu (NYU), Jessica Goldberg (Michigan-Ford), Myrto Kalouptsidi (Yale), Keith Ericson (Harvard), Alexander Torgovitsky (Yale), Dan Lu (University of Chicago), Peter Koudijs (Pompeau Fabra), Mathieu Tascherau-Dumouchel (Princeton), Ahu Gemici (NYU)


Christian Dippel (University of Toronto), Maximilian Kasy (UC Berkeley), Pablo Fajgelbaum (Princeton), Zhipeng Liao (Yale), Mathieu Tascherau_Dumouchel (Princeton) Maximilian Kasy (UC Berkeley), Pablo Fajgelbaum (Princeton), Zhipeng Liao (Yale)
University of California - Los Angeles, School of Public Affairs Health Yes 12/6 (email)
University of California - Riverside Micro Yes 12/8 (e-mail) Yes Yes Khan (UT-Austin)
University of California - San Diego, Economics Any Field Yes 12/6 Jason Abaluck (MIT), Gharad Bryan (Yale), Maya Eden (MIT), Jeffrey Clemens (Harvard), Matthew Elliott (Stanford), Pablo Fajgelbaum (Princeton), Amanda Pallais (MIT), Amanda Starc (Harvard), Yucai Emily Wang (Duke), Yuichi Yamamoto (Harvard)
University of Chicago (Booth) Finance Hanson (Harvard), Shue (Harvard), Stefano Giglio, Barney Hartman-Glaser, Nadya Malenko, Andrey Malenko, Xavier Giroud, Brent Glover , Eisenbach (Princeton), Sato (LSE), Koudijs Stefano Giglio, Kelly Shue, Koudijs
University of Chicago (Booth) Micro/Strategy Yes 12/07 Pomeranz (Harvard), Charles Sprenger (UCSD), Gharad Bryan, Eduardo Morales, Mar Reguant, Neale Mahoney, Michael Dickstein, Alexander Frankel, Daniel Keniston, Alessandra Voena, Jason Abaluck, Jidong Zhou, Alexander Wolitzky (MIT), Kei Kawai Frankel Neale Mahoney
University of Chicago (Booth) Macro Yes 12/08 Shoag (Harvard), Li (Berkeley), Bianchi (Maryland), Taschereau-Dumouchel (Princeton), Schaal (Princeton), Venkateswaran (UCLA), Hachem (Toronto), Shourideh (Minnesota) Hachem Hachem, Song
University of Chicago, Economics Any Field Yes 12/10 Weyl and Wolitzky (early), Torgovitsky (Yale), Kotowski (Berkeley), Hizmo (Duke), Kawai (Northwestern), Voena (Stanford), Shourideh (Minnesota), Sprenger (UCSD), Keniston (MIT) Summer (early) Weyl and Wolitzky (early), Voena Weyl, Voena
Universidad de Chile Any No 12/31(email)search on hold lack of funds
University of Cincinnati Applied Microeconomics Yes 12/20(email) yes yes (2) yes (2)
University of Cincinnati Macro Yes 12/20 (email) yes yes
University of Colorado at Boulder Microeconomics Yes 12/3(email) 12/10(email) Caroline Thomas (UCL), Jonathan Newton (Cambridge) 1/11 Yes Baranov (UMD)
University of Colorado-Denver Applied Microeconomics Yes 12/14 yes
University of Connecticut Agricultural and Resource Economics Yes 12/2(email) 12/10 (email) yes Liu (UT Austin)
University of Connecticut Econometrics Yes 12/15(email) Shen, Liao, Lazzati An(Johns Hopkins)
University of Connecticut Macro Yes 12/15(email) Toledo, Gross, Suen Suen Suen
University of Connecticut Environmental Yes 12/15(email) Herberich, Huang, Lemoine Huang Huang
University of Connecticut Development Yes 12/15(email) Prakash, Dutta, Yoo Prakash Prakash
University of Delaware Health/Environmental Yes 12/10 yes
University of Edinburgh Yes 12/17 (email)
University of East Anglia (UEA) No Yes
University of Essex No Priscila Souza (Yale), Veronica Santarosa (Yale), Abhishek Chakravarty (UCL) Yes Chakravarty
University of Georgia - Terry college of Business Darden (UNC), Alpert, Zuppan (Chicago)
University of Haifa Rachmilevitch Rachmilevitch (NWU)
University of Hawaii-Manoa Trade, Development Yes 12/13 (Call) 12/22 (Call) Soderbery (Davis), Mrazova (Oxford)
University of Hawaii-Manoa Public Yes 12/14 (Call) Anderson (Washington)
University of Hong Kong School of Economics and Finance Yes 12/20 (email) Yes
University of Houston Micro Yes 12/9 (email) Yes Lehmann (BU)
University of Idaho International Economics Yes 12/9 Yes
University of Illinois - Chicago Labor/Urban Yes 12/6
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign Dept. of Finance Yes 12/17
University of Iowa Health Yes 12/14 (telephone interview)
University of Kansas - School of Business Business Economics Yes 11/30
University of Leicester Any Yes 12/10 (phone) yes
University of Mannheim Behavioral Yes 12/7 (email) yes
University of Mannheim Macro Yes 12/10 (email) Barany (LSE), Lee (Wisconsin), Simon (MIT), Massenot (Lausanne), Sterk (Amsterdam) Yes Lee
University of Mannheim Labor Yes 12/10 (email) Kasy (Berkeley)
University of Maryland Dix-Carneiro (Princeton), Ericson (Harvard), Goldberg (Michigan-Ford), Casey (Duke), Dippel (Toronto), Fajelbaum (Princeton), Garcia-Moreno (MIT), Ruiz (UCLA) Goldberg (Michigan-Ford), Kaplan (Stockholm-Berkeley), Dix-Carneiro (Princeton)
University of Maryland - AREC C,F,O,Q Yes 12/14
University of Maryland (Pharmaceutical Health Services) Health Yes 12/16 (email) Yes 1/11
University of Massachusetts-Amherst Resource Economics Yes 12/15 (email) 12/7 (email)
University of Massachusetts-Amherst Econ Yes 12/11 yes
University of Massachusetts Boston Labor, Urban, Public, Health Yes 12/8 (email) Yes
University of Massachusetts Lowell Applied micro Yes 12/20 (email)
University of Melbourne Finance Yes 12/13(email)
University of Melbourne (Melbourne Institute of Applied Economic and Social Research) General Yes 12/20(email)
University of Miami Any Yes 12/08 12/11 Yes 1/12 Yes Yes
University of Michigan-Ann Arbor Any field Yes N/A 12/13 John Friedman (Harvard), Zheng Song (Fudan University), Jonathan Goldberg (MIT), Natalia Lazzati (Arizona), Alexander Torgovitsky (Yale), Xi Weng (Penn), Daniel Shoag (Harvard), Martin Weidner (USC), Kei Kawai (Northwestern), Maciej Kotowski (Berkeley), Jidong Zhou (UCL) Lazzati
University of Michigan-Ann Arbor (Ross School) International Yes 12/10 (e-mail) Song(Fudan) Yes
University of Michigan-Ann Arbor (Ross School) Any field Yes 12/10 (e-mail) Handley (Maryland)
University of Michigan, Dearborn Economic History Yes 12/9 (e-mail)
University of Minnesota Yes 12/15 Schmierer (Chicago), Lu (Chicago), Mehta (UPenn), Wolitzky (MIT), Schaal (Princeton), Presno (NYU) 1/19
University of Minnesota Duluth macro Yes 12/9
University of Mississippi Yes 12/14 12/15 yes
University of Missouri Any Yes 12/4 Lee (BU), Mansfield (Yale), Pham-Kanter (Princeton)
University of Nevada, Las Vegas Yes 12/6
University of New Hampshire Yes 12/17
University of New South Wales Macro Yes 12/10 (email) http://www.asb.unsw.edu.au/schools/economics/newsandevents/seminarseries/Pages/2011seminars.aspx
University of New South Wales Econometrics Yes 12/10 (email) http://www.asb.unsw.edu.au/schools/economics/newsandevents/seminarseries/Pages/2011seminars.aspx
University of North Carolina Open-E Macro Yes 12/6 (email) 12/14 Morais (UCLA) 1/12
University of North Carolina Public Policy Yes (email)
University of North Texas Macro Yes 12/10
University of North Texas Applied Micro Yes 12/14
University of Northern Iowa Enviro (Conf. Call) 12/13 yes
University of Northern Colorado Macro & Monetary Yes 12/17 Yes 1/20
University of Notre Dame Microeconomics Yes 12/8 Yes Yes Johnson (UMD)
University of Notre Dame Development Yes 12/9 (call and email) Yes
University of Nottingham All fields / trade 12/22 Al-Sadoon (Cambridge), Binelli (Oxford), Eberhardt (Oxford), Migali (Lancaster), Mrazova (Oxford), Riano (Nottingham), Thornton (Reading) December Yes Yes (2)
University of Ottawa International Dev. Yes 12/14
University of Oxford Any Yes Yes Gill (Southampton)
University of the Pacific Macro Yes 12/9 Yes Yes
University of the Pacific Development/International Yes 12/18 (email) 12/22 Yes Yes
University of Pennsylvania Any Schaal (Princeton), Liao (Yale), Yamamoto (Harvard), Taschereau-Dumouchel (Princeton), Dickstein (Harvard), Mele (UIUC), Wolitzky (MIT), Glover (Minnesota), Kasy (Berkeley), Elliott (Stanford), Reguant (MIT), Weidner (USC), Mrázová (Oxford), Garcia-Jimeno (MIT), Sokullu (Toulouse), Zhou (UCL), Dix-Carneiro (Princeton), Kawai (Northwestern), Venkateswaran (UCLA), Schaner (MIT) Yamamoto, Weidner, Garcia-Jimeno, Zhou, KaWai Garcia-Jimeno (MIT)
University of Pittsburgh (post-doc) Public Health Yes 12/11 (email)
University of Pittsburgh Applied Micro Yes N/A 12/16 Arad (Tel Aviv), Kessler (Harvard), Serra-Garcia (Tilburg), Levy (Berkeley & Harvard), Wang (CalTech), Lee (BU), Cabral (Stanford), Luca (BU), Shertzer (UCLA), Teper (Tel Aviv), Lu (Harvard), Kets (Tilburg & Santa Fe), James (Duke) Yes Yes
University of Pittsburgh (Health Policy and Management) Health Yes 12/15 (email)
University of Pretoria D E F G H Yes 12/07 (email)
University of Queensland Yes 12/8 (email) http://www.uq.edu.au/economics/job-market-seminars
University of Rhode Island International Economics, Development Yes 12/8 Yes
University of Rhode Island Environmental Yes 12/21 Yes Lang (Cornell)
University of Richmond Design of Experiments, Trade, Urban Economics Yes 12/10 (email)
University of Richmond macro/international Yes 12/11 (email) Yes Yes Yes
University of Rochester Any Yes 12/13 Yamashita (Stanford), Frankel (Stanford), Monte (Chicago), Kets (Tilburg/Stanford), Serdar Ozcan (Penn), Mestieri (MIT), Glover (Minn), Maurel (Duke), Dix-Carneiro (Princeton), Cherry (Michigan), Ruiz (UCLA), Lu (Chicago), Kochov (Bonn/Rochester) Frankel, Ozcan, Kets, Dix-Carneiro, Lu Lu (deferred)
University of San Francisco Macro Yes 12/8 Yes & finished Yes
University of Santiago de Chile Any Yes 12/20
University of Sao Paulo Any Yes 12/7 (email) yes
University of Scranton Macro Yes 12/7 yes
University of South Florida macro Yes 12/10 Yes yes yes
University of Southampton Any field Yes 12/7
University of Southern California Any field Yes 12/8 Yes Yes Kocer (NYU)
University of Sydney Any field Yes 12/21 (e-mail) Yes
University of Tennessee - Knoxville Environmental/Energy/IO Yes 12/6 Lola Soumonni (Vanderbilt), Beia Spiller (Duke), Kenneth Gillingham (Stanford), Howard Chong (Berkeley), Corey Lang (Cornell), Scott Holladay (NYU) Yes Yes
University of Texas- Austin Any Yes 11/30 12/16 Mestieri(MIT), Reguant(MIT), Cabral (Stanford), Glover (UMN), Kehrig (NW), Linden (Columbia), Thomas (UCL), Ozkan (UPenn), Xu (Penn State), Hachem (Toronto), Bianchi (Maryland), Kalouptsidi (Yale), Vogl (Harvard) Yes Xu, Glover, Kehrig
University of Texas- Austin (Public Policy) Yes 12/14 (email)
University of Texas- Dallas Econometrics Yes 12/9
University of Washington Tacoma 12/28
University of Toronto Econometrics Yes 11/28 Wan, Xu, Maurel, Jochmans Maurel, Wan Wan
University of Toronto Health, Law and Economics, Environmental Yes 11/29 Fujiwara (1/21), Kelly (1/31), Ito (2/2)
University of Toronto Microeconomics Yes 11/29 http://www.economics.utoronto.ca/index.php/index/research/seminars?dateRange=2010&seriesId=0 Li & Eli (UC Berkeley)
University of Toronto, Rotman Macro Yes 12/14 Barczyk (NYU), Ajello (Northwestern), Sampson (Harvard), Mestieri (MIT)
University of Toronto Scarborough Development 11/19
University of Utah Applied micro/metrics Yes 12/10 Yes Yes Pan
University of Vienna No Yes
University of Virginia (PP) Development Yes 12/8 Ozier (Berkeley), Ruiz (UCLA), Kosec (Stanford), Goldberg (Mich), yes
University of Virginia Finance Yes 12/15 (email) Yes
University of Warwick Any field Yes 12/10 (e-mail) 12/17 (e-mail) Yes Yes R Akerlof (Harvard/MIT)
University of Waterloo theory, econometrics, international Yes 12/15 Yes Yes Chen (Connecticut)
University of West Georgia Any field Yes 12/6 Yes Yes Yes
University of Western Ontario Yes 12/13(email) Aruoba, Raval(Chicago), T Kim, Horan(BU), Macartney(Toronto), Barczyk(NYU), Dippel(Toronto), Morais(UCLA Anderson),T Lee(Wisconsin), Kehrig(Northwestern), Kotowski(Berkeley), Mueller (IIES,Stockholm), Mestieri(MIT), Mansfield(Yale), Manjunath(Rochester), Zhang(Berkeley), Gutierrez(Yale), Lleras(Berkeley), Mehta(Penn) Senior: Gian Luca Clementi (NYU-Stern), Salvador Navarro (Wisconsin) Navarro (Wisconsin),Mehta(Penn)
University of Wisconsin-Madison Trade Yes 12/9 (e-mail) Bianchi (Maryland), Bilir (Stanford), Wingender (Berkeley), Morales (Harvard), Dix-Carneiro (Princeton), Voena (Stanford), Schrimpf (MIT), Reguant (MIT), Mahoney (Stanford) Bilir (Stanford), Bianchi (Maryland)
University of Wisconsin-Madison, Wisconsin Center for Education Research Economics of Education Yes 12/9 12/15 yes
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Environmental Yes Yes
University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Labor/health Unable to fill position (12/22)
University of Wyoming Yes 12/9 Yes Yes Gilbert (UCSD)
University of Zurich Yes 12/15 (e-mail)
Uppsala University E, H, J Yes 12/06 (email) Peterman, Duran-Vigneron, Manaresi (Bologna), Ziebarth (GIER), Zhang (Berkeley), Mennuni (Southampton), Pienknagura, Holter, Joan Llull (CEMFI), Antonczyk, Fisher, Simon, Jochmans
UQAM Any Field Yes 11/30 Yes Yes Stevanovic (Montreal), Barattieri (BC)
Ursinus College Finance/Econ Yes 11/25 Yes
USDA(ERS)- Food Economics Division Health Yes 12/3 (email)
USDA(ERS)- Markets and Trade Division Trade Yes 12/6 (email) Yes 1/13
US Naval Academy Microeconomics Yes 12/3 12/13 Yes yes Insler (Rochester)
US Treasury Department Yes 12/15 Yes 3/7-3/14
Utah State University Yes 12/1 (email)
Virginia Commonwealth University (Health Dept) Health Yes 12/1 (email)
Virginia Military Institute Yes 12/17 (email) Yes Yes
Virginia Polytechnical Institute (VirginiaTech) Game Theory Yes 12/17 (email) Topolyan, Zheng, Xu
Vassar College Behavioral Economics, Experimental Economics Yes 12/8 (email) Yes Yes
Valdosta State University Yes 12/7 1/19 Yes
Valparaiso University International/Econometrics Yes 12/21 (call) Yes 1/14 Yes Yes
Vanderbilt Health Yes 12/10 Alpert, Darden (UNC), Savelyev (Chicago) Savelyev (Chicago) Savelyev (Chicago)
Vanderbilt Development Yes Yes, when? 12/16 Pugatch (Michigan), Ruiz (UCLA)
Victoria U. Wellington Macro, Dev Yes 12/14
Wake Forest University Macro/Metrics Yes 12/9 12/16 yes Yes Yes (metrics)
Washington and Lee Any Yes 12/14 Yes
Washington University in St.Louis Yes 12/06 Garcia-Jimeno (MIT), Goldberg (Michigan-Ford), Lleras (Berkeley), Cherry (Michigan), Li (Wisconsin-Madison), Maestri (Yale), Ruiz (UCLA), Sanders (Wisconsin-Madison), Zuppann (Chicago), Natenzon (Princeton), Schaner (MIT), Hizmo (Duke), Llull (CEMFI) Yes Sanders
Wellesley College Trade Yes 12/07 yes yes yes
Wesleyan Yes 12/9
West Texas A&M University Yes 12/02 (email)
West Virginia University Finance Yes 12/15 (email) Yes 1/11
Western Illinois University Southerns 11/5 (email)
W.E. Upjohn Institute Yes 12/3 (email)
Williams College Yes 12/10 Blanchard, McConnell, Zhang (Berkeley) , Sng (Northwestern), Gillingham (Stanford), Lang (Cornell) yes
Wharton Business and Public Policy Yes 12/16 Kosec (Stanford), Kalouptsidi (Yale), Kaplan (Berkeley), Lehmann (BU), Nosko (Harvard), Levy (Berkeley & Harvard), Fuster (Harvard), Kawai (Northwestern) Judd Kessler, Mark Duggan
Wharton Real Estate Yes Anenberg (Duke), Hizmo (Duke), Cvijanovic (LSE), Lin (Phil Fed), Brinkman (Carnegie)
Wharton Risk and Insurance Yes 12/07 Sprenger (UCSD), Pomeranz (Harvard), Gulesci (LSE), Derugina (MIT), Gallagher (Berkeley), Bryan (Yale), Clemens (Harvard), Minor (Berkeley) Pomeranz
Wharton Finance Yes 12/13 Yes Kelly Shue (Harvard), Bradyn Breon-Drish (Berkeley), Koudijs (UPF) Zhu (Berkeley)
Whitman College Finance Yes 12/09
Whitworth University Yes 12/29 Yes
World Bank (Latin America Group) Macro Yes 12/20 Yes
World Bank Young Professional Program no 11/22 (call for Panel) (11/29 to 01/31) 192 candidates for Panel interview (DC + Paris) March 2
Xiamen Univ.,WISE any Yes 12/7 (email) Yes(1/14)
Yale University any Yes NA 12/7 Dickstein, Wolitzky (MIT), Kawai (Northwestern), Voena, Yamamoto (Harvard), Shourideh, Schaner, Weidner, Keniston Keniston Keniston
Yale SOM (econ) Yes 12/16
Yeshiva U Any Field Yes 12/9 (e-mail) 12/30 (e-mail) M. Smith (NYU), Kocer (NYU), Virag (Sr, Rochester), Toledo (Sr, Carlos III), Mestieri (MIT), Manjunath (Rochester), Shao (ASU) 12/21
York University (Canada) Applied Econ Yes 12/17 (e-mail)

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