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Elddim, a fictional planet.

Elddim is the second fictional planet from the star Sirius A. It's name spelt backwards is "Middle", as it is the middle planet in the Sirius A system, inbetween Renni and Retuo, the inner and outer planets. Elddim's previous name was Aphrodite before it got changed.

This planet also has two small irregularly shaped moons, known as Tsrif and Dnoces, the first and second moons.

A Realistic Elddim

In the realistic version of this addon, Elddim is a typical dry Cytherean type world, with turbulent clouds and a boiling hot parched surface. Large plains that could have once been host to liquid oceans and evidence of plate tectonics suggest it could have been more Earthlike in the past. It is made almost entirely of silcates and rocky material.

A Less Realistic Elddim

In the fantasy version however, Elddim is host to oceans of liquid lead, which is slowly beginning to seep into the mantle, rushing back up in places and causing small tectonically active regions around the planet from time to time. Deeper into the mantle more dense elements begin to occur such as Iridium and Gold.

This planet is so odd, that traces of neutron star material has been found beneath it's surface. All this contributes to Elddim being one of the densest rocky worlds in the whole Milky Way galaxy with all the heavy material it contains. Elddim is also host to an immense magnetic field, creating amazing auroras near the poles.



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