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Elements of Geography

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Elements of Geography 101 section 003


a world atlas map is required

the midterm grade will be the higher grade of the two exams before the midterm

read chapter 1 by friday

september 5 2008

Use world Atlas.com to study for exams and understand the maps.

Geography is the study of spatial variations, of how and why things differ from place to place on the surface of the earth.

Humans wrote about the land the earth or the enviornmnet. it also has to do with how humans transform the earths surface. Geography therefore is about a cultural landscape of the earths surface. Geography is also a study of how the earth has been naturally changed throughout the course of the earths history.

Geography can be broken down into several subdivisions: Political,urban,ecological, regional geography, systemic, physical , human, and economic to name a few.

It is about space and the content of space aswell as the images and enviornment

the land is affected by the cultures of those who dwell on it giving its cultural landscapes.

Geography is constantly changing

September 8 2008

Geography is a special dicipline that deals with space

Pg 8 first column third paragraph

Geographist use space to identify special patterns

they study how different spaces have similarities and differences.

space has location direction distance, it can be large or small it has physical features and can be large or small

places are known to change.

Space is organized into regions and realms.

LOCATION location can be either absolute or relative. relative location is the location determined by what it is near etc. absolute is the exact location by perhaps longtitude and latitude. location can also be determined by whether the place is east west north or south

When situations change geography also changes

absolute direction is north south east and west.

Places also conjure up images in our mind

distance is spatial seperation between two points on the earths surface. measured in the standard unit of measure or the culture.

the mind makes a difference with its ideas about the distance between the two spaces. people often measure distance in time and often do prefer it.

a space has physical and cultural attributes such as mountains rivers valleys plains etc these attributes are effected by human activities

read caption 1.8

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