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Elephant Bar Coupons

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Elephant Bars

In recent years, many American citizens have become far more receptive to the different flavors of the world's cuisines. There is no reason to remain stuck in a rut of bland chicken and flavorless potatoes; various worldwide cuisines feature an amazing array of different tastes and textures, and it is both exciting and exhilarating to treat your taste buds to these new adventures.

Restaurants such as the Elephant Bar help Americans to experience these flavors without leaving the safety of their hometown. This chain of establishments is noted throughout the country for its bold yet still approachable menu, allowing people to sample new and unique dishes in a friendly and innovative atmosphere.

Elephant Bar History

The Elephant Bar was established in 1980 by David and Chris Nancarrow. Intended to allow customers to experience a broad range of different flavor profiles, the restaurant offers dishes from several areas of the world including the Mediterranean, South America, and Africa, with a special emphasis on Pan Asian cuisine. Visitors are able to relax with friends and family amongst the restaurant's African safari-themed atmosphere, which has been geared towards diners of all ages.

Furthermore, the Elephant Bar was designed to allow diners of any financial background to experience new and exciting flavors. The Elephant Bar is considered to be a relatively affordable dining option for families throughout the United States. In addition, you can locate many different discounts for the Elephant Bar that will further reduce the price of your dining bill.

Such promotions can be located in a variety of different places. The most reliable place to search for Elephant Bar coupons would most likely be on the company's official website, www.elephantbar.com. This website provides visitors with all of the most recent information regarding the restaurant's ongoing specials and activities. Furthermore, you can sign up for the Elephant Bar's 'Passport E-mail Club' through this website.

Logo For the Elephant Bar.

Ways to Save

The Passport E-mail Club is the Elephant Bar's information and rewards program for frequent visitors of the restaurant. On a monthly basis, members of the club are sent e-mails which contain new coupons that can be printed out and used at a local Elephant Bar location. The club also provides customers with information regarding upcoming events at the Elephant Bar that is closest to their home, and provides a list of the restaurant's current monthly specials. In addition, the Elephant Bar is currently in the process of expanding its e-mail program.

It plans to add a points reward system and a birthday club feature to its program, which would reward diners with additional discounts for frequent visits to the restaurant and would provide members with a special treat during their birthday month. These new features are expected to be implemented by mid-2011.

Of course, this is not the only place where you can access promotions for the Elephant Bar. Many other websites post Elephant Bar coupons and discounts on a regular basis. For instance, Groupon has been known to post Elephant Bar deals from time to time. You can also locate Elephant Bar discounts through a variety of different coupon search engines, although these promotions should always be verified for legitimacy and used with caution.

Coupons Online

Although it can be difficult to determine whether or not the coupons that you find on these websites are valid, you should not disregard them completely. Several good promotions have appeared on these websites before. Sometimes, these sites are even able to link you to coupons that are posted on the Elephant Bar's official website that are not accessible through other means.

Local Publications

However, the internet is not the only place where you can find Elephant Bar coupons. Elephant Bar's primary form of advertisement is through local publications. You will undoubtedly encounter an Elephant Bar ad in your community newspaper or marketing flier at some point in time.

These advertisements are invariably accompanied by Elephant Bar coupons which you can clip out, save, and bring with you the next time that you choose to visit this restaurant. For instance, Money Mailers and Valupack services oftentimes contain Elephant Bar ads and coupons within their pages.

You must simply leaf through these publications in order to locate the promotions that are valuable to you. Elephant Bar advertisements are quite distinctive and should be easy to spot as you look through these publications; much like the restaurant's safari-themed atmosphere, its advertisements feature a copious amount of cheetah print and zebra stripes. With the help of these visual cues, you should be able to spot and save Elephant Bar coupons in no time.

Individual Restaurants

Individual restaurant locations sometimes run their own special promotions that allow you to receive even greater discounts on your purchases. Most often, these can be located through your local newspaper or other community publication. This is why it is oftentimes worth your while to check both online for chain-wide promotions and in your local fliers for individual restaurant specials; a variety of different coupons, such as five dollars off of your entire bill or a free appetizer with the purchase of two entrees, can be located through these different means, and you will want to select the coupons that best suit your needs.

Locating discounts for the Elephant Bar is an easier process than you might think. So long as you know the right places to look, valuable discounts can be found with speed and with ease. There is no reason to pay full price for a meal at the Elephant Bar when there are so many discounts to be had.

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