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Elim Garak

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Elim Garak is a character who originated in the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine universe, but he appeared through a Distortion and was written into the universe of Alias Unbound, a privately written literary crossover.

Garak appeared in the Alias Unbound universe in the time period after the end of Deep Space Nine, and he initially went by the name "Julian Bashir," as well as involving himself in many other secretive and suspicious goings-on.

Garak was responsible for assisting the CIA on numerous occasions, and their stance towards him gradually turned from mistrust to cautious acceptance. In particular, he provided information that lead to the elimination of the Covenant, combating the Squid, uncovering the Changeling-Bleff and eliminating the Dominion's orbital fleet.

In the begining of Act V, R. Daneel Olivaw commisioned Cole Turner to assasinate Garak. After a clash with him, Garak fled to the CIA and was officially admited into their ranks. This was

After a while he convinced the CIA to let him join them, mainly by using blatant forgery and Sydney Bristow's naïveté.

While Garak has proved an effective agent of the CIA, he has consistently demonstrated a considerable ruthlessness and disregard for standard operating procedures. The most blatant instances of this involve his deployment of a nuclear weapon in Los Angeles, summary execution of enemy forces and illegal use of magic during the Everwood Raid. Garak was briefly arrested by Senator Bailey for his suspected attempt at assasination of the Senator, but was shortly cleared of the charge and released. Garak's more subtle manipulation of the entire Dizziness Cult remains generally unknown. Following Marshall Flinkman's promotion to Director of the CIA, Garak slipped into the role of personal aide, and deals extensively in coordination of intelligence assets and dealings with Washington.

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