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  • Creator: Ali
  • Motto:
  • Type: Covert paramilitary
  • Membership: ~700 (full organization)
  • Availability: Only Guard and non-Elites; of those generally open without condition


  • eavers before death
    • 13 elites
      • guard
      • research
      • maintenance

collectors - organization as a whole. guard - private army. elites - strongest members of guard, eavers' personal bodyguards.


police black market, fight government and organization corruption, fight major threats. mercenary work


The Elites were originally the top-ranking bodyguards of a man named Eavers, who traded on the black market in artifacts, technology, and slaves, as well as weapons. His organization was known simply as the "Collectors," with widespread but hidden influence across Valgris and perhaps elsewhere. Eavers was killed during a raid on Base 1 in a confrontation with the Lodgers.

With Eavers out of the picture, the Elites decided to take the Collectors straight yet remain underground; as Eavers manipulated and controlled a lot of otherwise innocent souls. If the Elites went public, particularly to the authorities of Sega and Valgris, many would be wrongly blamed for Eavers' crimes, including the Elites themselves.

After Eavers's "disappearence" some were still enthralled by the remenants of his control and rose against the Elites, eventually splitting off into a faction now known as the Loyals. Their goals are unknown but they seem to be following in Eavers's footsteps.

Relation with the Lodgers

The Elites are generally allies of the Lodgers, though their relation is strongest with AHM.


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