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Elves were the last race to arrive on Orbivm. Near the end of the Age of the Spear, they arrived in the northlands. They came across the northern ice floes, from whence, we know not.


The elves have what is considered the greatest gift of all the races. Their lifespan is endless. An elf will only die if slain by a weapon or by magic.

In magic, too, they are gifted with the knowledge of the highest form of magic. They draw and manipulate the magical force directly from the faerie plane. In this they excel beyond all others. However, they have no knowledge of runes or of the blood-rites.

Physically, elves are tall, reaching a height of two yards or more, but they are slim, and weaker physically than any other race.

Elves are, as stated, immortal in some sense, and as such are loath to wed without careful consideration. They also have far fewer children than any other race, for since they do not die naturally, they rarely have need to replenish their population.

Elves change their ways slowly, and what differences there are between the various elven peoples are rather superficial.


Frost Elves, Sidhe Elves, Droch Fae, High Elves

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