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Introduction to this wiki

Use this wiki to share your thoughts, experience, and challenges when adapting technology in your work.

It is a real pleasure to invite participants to share in their experience and knowledge regarding the use of technology, particularly as it pertains to communication and collaboration.

From ENET Training Day, September 2008

Theme of the Day: Technology To Enhance Your Career Services

Sub-Topic: Knowledge Base 2.0 Career Development Practitioners in Collaboration

This sub-topic touches on the importance of collaboration between practitioners, and how the new Web 2.0 technologies can support their collaboration.

Here is the PowerPoint.

From Career Development Conference 2007

John Saremba, Ken Bellemare, and Michael Yue conducted a workshop on Technology and Career Practitioners at the 2007 Career Development Conference. At the end of the workshop, participants were asked to write down one thing that they have learned. Here is a summary.


  • Use of pictures/visuals and inspirational words/headlines in PowerPoint - 9
  • Use of the notes and thumbnail features in PowerPoint - 1
  • Use interactive video in PowerPoint for marketing purpose - 1


  • Get a client to tell me a story, using the 5 steps of storytelling - 3


  • Explore blogging - 1


  • Explore the use of wiki for showing/sharing information (such as LMI), portfolio building, staff collaboration (such as choosing new assessment tools) - 8

Social Network


  • Use Copernic to organize my desktop - 2
  • Take digital images of notes recorded on flipcharts - 1
  • Try innovative use of email communication - 1

Things I Have Tried

(Michael Yue, posted on March 11, 2007)


I have an account on eduspaces.net, a learning space for educators and anyone who's interested in learning. As career development practitioners, we are indeed "educators" in our own ways. So I entered the learning space of elgg.net to meet others. You can find me there at http://eduspaces.net/mcbyue/ and join my community (for technology and career practitioners) at http://eduspaces.net/webtech/.


Out of the Career Development Conference 2007, I have created a wiki for practitioners to share their best practices - http://bestpractice.bluwiki.org.

New Ideas

Share your new ideas about using technology in your work.

Help: I Got Challenges

We would welcome your comments about challenges that people have with regard to the use of technology. In sharing this information, we can all gain a sense of what people feel about technology and how we can work to helping others overcome some of these challenges. For myself, the biggest challenge in helping people use technology more effectively is dealing with their perceived barriers to using computers and other technology devices. In discussing this with others, it seems that initial bad experiences with a computer or technology creates a barrier that inhibits learning. We would appreciate your thoughts.

I often wonder why people treat technology learning different than other types of learning. For example, I am sure that some people, including myself, had a bad experience in first learning to drive. Why then did this initial bad experience not become a barrier to learning to drive. What is it about technology that people perceive to be more challenging to learn than other skills? This is a very interesting topic to me, so any feedback or ideas would be appreciated -- John Saremba

Who am I?

Feel free to tell your peers about yourself. This way, we can connect with one another much easier.

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