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Embroider a fancy and colorful pocketbook. Fun and easy embroidery project.

Supplies You Will Need

  • 2 squares of your choice of colored felt which will be used for the front and back of this pocketbook.
  • 1 square of a different colored felt which will be used for the handle.
  • Pencil
  • tracing paper
  • scissors
  • straight pins
  • embroidery needle
  • 6 strand embroidery floss(7 colors) and tape.

Embroidery Design Ideas

  • Flower embroidery designs will look the prettiest for this pocketbook
  • Tulips, Daisies
  • Whimsical Animals
  • Fantasy Creatu
  • Cute Teddy Bear Designs
  • Smiley Face Designs
  • Other Ideas
  • Embellish with embroidery designs plus you can glue on rhinestone beads to make it look more fancy.

5 Simple Step To Creating Your Pocketbook

  1. 1 You can do this project by hand embroidery or by machine embroidery. If you are doing this project by hand first Tape a piece of tracing paper over any picture you would like to embroider on the front of this pocketbook. Trace all the designs you would like on it. After tracing take a soft lead pencil and vigorously rub it over the back of the tracing paper. Pin the paper, penciled side down, over the felt pocketbook square. Trace over the lines on the paper. Remove paper. The black lines on the felt are the designs that you will be embroidering. If you are using an embroidery machine choose the designs you would like then embroider them on one of the square felt blocks and proceed to step number three.
  1. 2 We want to start with a satin stitch: Starting from the wrong side of the felt, bring the embroidery needle up at one edge of a design to be embroidered. Now insert the needle at the opposit edge, and return to the starting edge by carrying the thread underneath the felt. Make stitches parallel and close together. Next we want to use a running stitch: Insert the needle in and out of the felt, making even stitches.
  1. 3 Embroider all the designs. Then, take your scissors and cut alll around the outer edges of the pocketbook. This is the front. Pin it to the other square of pocketbook felt, cut around it, and you will have the back.
  1. 4 Pin the front and back together. Using the running stitch, sew around the outline of the pocketbook leaving scalloped edge open.
  1. 5 Trace the handle from the finished picture onto tracing paper. Pin tracing to your remaining square of felt and cut out the handle. Place the handle inside the top of your two pocketbook pieces and fasten with a few stitches.

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