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Emerald Lodge

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The Emerald Lodge, by CyKairus

The Emerald Lodge, or simply, the Lodge, is the setting for most RPs in EC, and is where a majority of the characters live. Located in a forest clearing near Sega City, on Valgris/the MFW, it is EC's most familiar setting. The Lodge's appearence tends to change, adding or losing rooms as needed, though there are several constants.

Surrounding Area

The Lodge is on a small hilltop in a forested area. The area immediately around the Lodge is free of trees, and there are a couple paths. One leads to the lake, another leads into the forest towards the nearby mountain range, one, an actual paved road, leads to Sega City.

The forest is a blend of deciduous and evergreen, mostly mid-latitude forest trees such as maple, oak, elm, ash, mountain ash (rowan), birch, cherry, pine, and fir. It is inhabited by both normal forest animals and monsters (including the notorious GBP). The monsters never seem to attack normal folk and will occasionally swarm the Lodge or the unfortunate more-than-normal person.

The terrain is lightly hilly and slopes uphill gradually towards the mountain range. Downhill from the Lodge, on the plain that also includes Sega City, is a small lake, vaguely crescent-shaped. It has fish in it, and perhaps a "Nessie", but that is unconfirmed. Near the lake's shore is the grave of Onyx.

The mountain range includes the massive crater called Fried Egg Crater, where Eggman once had a base that was totaled by a group of heroes. There is also, to the northeast, a medium-sized Sandarian diplomatic and trading outpost city.

Map of the Lodge's surrounding area.

The Lodge

The Lodge itself on the outside appears to be about the size of a large house, two stories plus an attic. It has two porches, one front, one back, a garage, and a pool. The front porch is raised from the ground and has four wide steps leading up to it. From the front porch, one can enter the front door.


To the left is the DDR machine next to the stairwell, to the right, a wall, then an entryway into the living / common room, and ahead,the kitchen past the stairwell.

Living / Common Room

The living room has a large bay window and several smaller windows, and on the wall that separates it from the entry hall, there is a home theater. It has numerous couches and chairs, as well as a coffee table, a skylight, and a fireplace. The fireplace is opposite the bay windows. Past the fireplace is a kitchen / dining room.

Kitchen / Dining Room

The kitchen end has all the appliances, and it also has a large preparation island. There are windows in both the kitchen and dining room end, and in the middle on the back wall, directly opposite the front door, is the back door to the back porch. There is also a liquor cabinet with a hidden panel between the kitchen and the living room.


The Lodge has a number of pools that appear or disappear as needed, one indoor, one outdoor, and a jacuzzi with each. There is also a cheese sauce jacuzzi. The indoor pool and jacuzzi, as well as the cheese sauce jacuzzi, appear past the DDR machine to the left of the entry when needed. The outdoor pool and jacuzzi are to the side of the back porch in the back lawn. There is also an enclosed outdoor hot springs bath in a fenced off area outside the Lodge, in addition to an indoor hot springs facility.


The stairs have a small landing and go up to the second floor, which contains the numerous guest rooms and bathrooms, then to the attic. In the side of the stairs is a door, which leads to the stairwell going down to the basement.

Second Floor

The second floor consists of a long hallway with rooms on both sides. In fact, due to the nature of the Lodge, it is endless, for the number of characters who dwell in it. There is a bathroom directly opposite the stairs, as well as where and when needed. The layout of this floor is in defiance of most known architectural and scientific conventions. Since the arrival of the Penguin Overlord a large section of the second floor hallway has become rather cold, and now houses his 'palace', and an unknown number of Penguins.

"I think it turns into a swamp somewhere after room 1000..." -- Many characters


Known to contain the circuit breaker box and several crates, also contains a laundry room and den. In the den is an old computer game machine. This basement is currently the only permanent access to the ruins, indoor pools, and hot springs. A few characters have taken to residing in the basement, preferring it over the standard rooms.


The attic was first explored by OD, OD's team of Mimickers, and Jason. It appears to be an entirely separate dimension totally permutable by one's thoughts: Whatever one desires there will appear. Whether this is just the fabrication of the attic or if one is actually transported there is currently unknown.


Below the basement but above the laboratory is a set of ruins, accessible from the first basement with use of Reveal psynergy, leading to questions about the Lodge's true age.


During his stay at the Lodge, Cyriun Kairus excavated areas below the basement and built a laboratory. Only he and a few others know the access codes or what is really down there. It is only accessible via a secret elevator, or by one of eight elevator silos that surround the Lodge and lead directly to the surface.


Metools (from the Rockman franchise) are the both the janitorial and maintenance crew of the Lodge. They clean up the messes the Lodgers leave behind and repair any and all damage done to the Lodge, capable of rebuilding it in a matter of minutes.

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