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Empire of Ramynon

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The Empire of Ramynon

Known officially as The Heavily-Fortified Empire of Ramynon, this nation has been Ravenrock's UN Delegate for over a year (there was a brief period in which Ramynon had no UN supporters, so Delegate status was temporarily lost).

Ramynon is the oldest nation in Ravenrock. Originally hailing from the tiny region of A Small Pond With A Tree In It, the Empire first moved to Ravenrock nearly three years ago. It actively participated in the regional forum and website, created Ravenrock's official logo, and started work on a high-detail map of the Ravenrock Islands. This project was never completed, however, as the Dark Age claimed most of the nations that were to be depicted in the map. That, and the website got hacked.

As activity in Ravenrock declined, the region's leaders eventually vanished. After a small number of other nations held the Delegate position, Ramynon was finally voted into office. Since its election, the Empire has quelled several invasion attempts, and sent its ambassador-nation Eclairia to Yggdrasil to maintain diplomatic relations shortly before the Dark Age.

The Ramynon Empire is an extremely militant nation. All able-bodied males begin their military training before they get out of diapers. Almost 90% of Ramynon's economy is devoted to the armed forces and weapons development. The Empire happily built a network of defensive ICBM platforms all over Ravenrock to help defend against invaders. Most of the missiles ended up being used in sub-orbital fireworks displays, however.

In the forums, the Empire of Ramynon is represented by the evil yet strangely benevolent Dark Lord Sythis.

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