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  • No matter who you are , no matter what you do, you absolutely, positively do have the power to chnage.
  • When you gain control of your body, you will gain control of your LIFE.
  • Ther eis a qorld of difference between knowing what to do and acturally doing it.
  • Docus on your future vision.
  • Transform five of those dreams into goals by fiving them a deadline, a way to measure them, and writing them down.
  • Once the truth is revealed, the path becomes clear.
  • When those cravings hit, which they will, remember that nothing tastes as good as being in the greatest shape of your life feels. Also remmeber it is just food, You control it, It doesn't control you.
  • Life, the ultimate challenge, is not a race to the finish but rather a process of continual growth.



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