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Enfamil Coupons

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Enfamil is a brand of infant formula founded in 1959 by Mead Johnson. He was a pioneer in nutritional products and designed a formula that was closer to breast milk than any other on the market at the time.

His formula was a gentler way for growing babies to get the nutrition they needed. Moms all over the United States and beyond can save money by using Enfamil coupons when they purchase this unique infant formula.

As Good as Breastfeeding

Mothers, who cannot breastfeed due to health problems or by personal choice, need a formula that has as many nutritional benefits as breast milk. Once a mom chooses to use formula, finding the right product is important to her baby’s health.

Enfamil offers 24 different products to choose from. Many of the products are more affordable when Enfamil coupons are used.

Non-Milk Products


Enfamil is formulated to be gentle on an infant’s digestive system. Although most babies are born without digestive problems, some may experience complications with allergies, gas or indigestion. Gas and indigestion can make babies fussy and irritable.

Some product lines of this brand are made with lactose-free ingredients instead of regular milk-based formulas. These products help relieve and prevent gas problems or allergies in sensitive systems.

Coupons for this type are found on the Enfamil website. When newborns continue to have problems with gas, constipation or other intestinal problems, soy milk may be recommended by their pediatrician. Soy is a lactose-free ingredient that provides all the nutritional benefits as those found in breast or cow milk.

Formula for Infants

There are formulas for infants between the ages of newborn to three months. These formulas include Premium Newborn Free and Gentlease. Parents can get several coupons on the site that offer the products for free. This is a good way to see if the products work well with their baby's digestive system.

Formula for Toddlers

It is recommended that babies drink formula or breast milk until they are at least a year old. Once they reach toddler age, it is still important that they get the calcium needed to develop strong teeth and bones.

Although whole cow's milk is a healthy choice, it may not agree with the baby's system. Products like Enfagrow were developed to meet these needs.

Enfagrow coupons are located on the main site. These coupons offer parents a chance to try the product at a saving of $5 off the retail price. They may get more savings if the formula is on sale.

Enfamil Family Beginnings

Most hospitals offer Enfamil gift packs of diaper bags to new moms. The packs have money-saving coupons on different formulas, samples and informational pamphlets.

They can also join the Enfamil site for future savings of about $250. Not only do they receive the gift at the hospital, they receive savings on infant formula for several years after joining.

Free Samples for Babies

Parents can ask their child’s pediatrician for product samples. The samples may contain Gentlease, Nutramigen or other types. Certificates they can use to receive these sample kits are provided on Enfamil.com.

Certificates for free newborn formula are also found on the site. Parents simply print out the certificates of their choice and present them to the nurse before discharge.

Free Samples for Moms

The third trimester is a busy and hectic time for expectant moms. Luckily, Enfamil offers several nice gifts for mothers-to-be through coupons and certificates.

They can get third trimester kits, breastfeeding information and other helpful things on the company site. The mom's doctor may also provide these gifts at the last office visit.

Home Delivery or Purchase at the Store

Parents may order their products online at Enfamil.com or by visiting their neighborhood grocery or retail store. A home delivery service provided by the site is helpful to busy moms and their kids.

Coupons for products they want or need are accessible on the site and can be used at checkout. These same coupons can be printed out and used at the store.

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