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English 203 Tech Project (Or: The Gates of Morgaltaar)/Outline/Ian's Splicing

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Okay, just indicate if you think each of these would fit within your section, and the extent to which they do (so we can decide if it fits more place than one).


Ease of viewing / editing (to varying degrees depending on the Wiki: page creation, editing, extent of editing, registration requirements, time/namestamps, etc.)

Use as an easy-to-search, easy-to-maintain database (plus that whole most-nouns-link-other-places feature)

It's free

Collaborative editing = huge amount of material, always growing,

plus really good accuracy with inaccuracies spotted and corrected within minutes (also a natural protection against vandalism)

Handy / more secure for companies to host over intranet, takes the place of face-to-face meetings / e-mail runaround (Bonnie's example?)

Ease of use for the layman in terms of editing code (WikiMedia versus HTML, probably good with Bryan's bit?)


Vandalism - "soft security" means that it's easier to fix mistakes than harder to make them, anyone can vandalize at any time to any extent, etc.

Accuracy, given similar concerns

As a side note, I suddenly notice that I've found very few (and easily argued against) Cons, so if you've come across any significant ones in your research, let me know.

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