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English 203 Tech Project (Or: The Gates of Morgaltaar)/Outline/Potential Probs

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While the positive influence and usefulness of Wiki resources is widely recognized, detractors cite a few concerns about them.

On another note, Aronsson (2005) adds some businesses may avoid using wikis to side-step "editing wars," in which different authors presumably volley edits and deletions to see whose version will win out. This situation could certainly arise, but Aronsson argues collaborators using wikis generally maintain "neutral" stances to bypass problems with other writers. He goes on to state that, so long as the neutral point of view is utilized on a wiki, the "more real threat...is that nobody wants to edit anything" (2005). Nevertheless, Viegas, Wattenberg and Dave (2004) assert that this potentially competitive editing environment allows users to create stronger documents because an untouched wiki page indicates the content has survived critical review by other users (575).

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