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Entenmann’s Coupons

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Beginnings of Entenmanns

As a young lad, William Entenmann learned to bake from his father. He eventually immigrated to America from Stuttgart, Germany, and in 1898 William started living his dream, by opening his first bakery in Brooklyn, New York. The superior quality of William’s baked goods became well known.

His very popular Butter Loaf Cake was a hit from the beginning, and he built a solid business with regular clientele. William Entenmann, the entrepreneur proudly delivered his fine desserts, breads, and cakes to his customers from a horse drawn carriage.

One of William Entenmann’s young sons had health problems that prompted the family to relocate to Bay Shore, Long Island. The baking business continued to prosper along with the home delivery service. Young William Jr. eventually took over the bakery and delivery routes from his father.

Entenmann’s survived the Great Depression, and the fancy pastries and desserts even made their way to the tables of New York’s elite crowd. The entertainer, Frank Sinatra enjoyed Entenmann’s Crumb Coffee Cake so much; he placed weekly orders for it.

Changing Direction

In 1951 William Entenmann Jr. passed away following a heart attack. His wife Martha and their three sons, Charles, Robert, and William persisted in the business, but sought a new direction for their baked goods. Times had changed; the family reasoned that the home delivery service was no longer sensible. Entenmann’s expanded the business, and began distributing their pastries and cakes to grocery stores, and eventually moved their product into New Jersey and Connecticut.

In 1959 the family invented the see-through packaging Americans are accustomed to today. The design was a hit of course; it boosted sales because the customers were able to preview their purchases. Then in 1961, the Entenmann brothers built the largest bakery of its kind on five acres in Bay Shore, Long Island. The business continued to grow over the years, and in time expanded to supermarkets all the way across the United States.

Coupons for Entenmanns

The delicious freshness that was William Entenmann’s trademark remains a key characteristic of the products more than 100 years after he first began his baked good's business. The generations of William's family also took great pride in their legacy. They continued creating the fine quality baked goods for several more years.

Entenmann's History

The Entenmann’s family business and brand name were eventually sold, and changed hands several times over the years. In 1978 Warner-Lambert owned Entenmann’s, then after many years it was sold to General Foods. In 1990 that company merged with Kraft Foods. The brand had several more corporate owners, including Best Foods, and today it is owned by Bimbo Bakeries USA.

The tradition continues today; along with the old favorites, like the wonderful variety of dessert cakes, crumb cakes, donuts, pies, loaf cakes, danish, and cookies, there recently emerged a new line of portion control sized Entenmann’s products. Customers who avoid overindulgence will appreciate the healthful cereal bars, 100 calorie lifestyle packs, and single serving packaged cakes too. Now there are also wonderful Entenmann’s gourmet coffee choices to pair with those delicious baked goods.

Entenmann's Candles

Another different but really fun product on the market today is Entenmann’s Candles. The Candle-lite company with over 160 years experience in fine American craftsmanship, makes them the perfect manufacturer for the candles. Entenmann’s candles come in the deliciously inviting aromas of Lemon Pound Cake, Apple Strudel, Cinnamon Coffee Cake, Butter Pound Cake, and Pumpkin Pie.

Saving on Entenmann's Products

There are many savings and coupon opportunities for Entenmann’s products. Coupons are periodically included in the local Sunday newspapers. Grocery stores will occasionally offer in-store Entenmann’s coupons. Bakery outlet, or discount stores carrying Entenmann’s products are also operating around the country. There are several on-line coupon websites where consumers may print coupons.

The available coupons are routinely updated, so it makes sense to check these sites out regularly. The Entenmann’s website and Facebook pages also offer options to save, join email clubs, and so forth. Customers of Amazon.com will find savings on Entenmann’s case lot purchases. Look under Grocery & Gourmet Food

To find Entenmann’s product news, ideas, and even e-cards to send, see Entenmanns.Com

To like Entenmann’s on Facebook go to their Facebook page, and once there check their wall for information about coupons, contests, and more.

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