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Enterprise-J Type

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An Enterprise J type ship is a self-aware entity. The ship is larger on the inside than the outside due to extensive use of holodecks.

Secondary Saucer


The saucer is able to seperate into two independent sections, with the smaller section being known as the "secondary saucer". The secondary saucer can engage in combat automatically without human intervention. This mode is known as Auto Combat mode and requires the approval of all three senior officers of the Enterprise. Any of the three senior officers can order the Enterprise out of Auto Combat mode. Alternately, the secondary saucer can be commanded manually from the secondary bridge.

Both the main ship and the secondary saucer are equiped with phasers, quantum torpedos, and shields.


Enterprise-J Type ships come with a full compliment of shuttlecraft.

Assault Ships


Enterprise-J Type ships are fitted with 10 squadrons of Assault Ships. Each squadron has 12 fighters. These squadrons are under the command of the ship's Tactical Officer.

Cloaking Device and Holo Cloak

Enterprise-J Type ships are fitted with cloaking devices and Holo Cloaks.


Holodecks are used extensively throughout Enterprise-J Type ships. The ship's bridge and secondary bridge both use Bridge Panorama technology to provide excellent field of vision. Crews quarters are also holodecks, allowing each crewmember to customize their living space.

Holodecks, combined with Bridge Panorama technology allow Enterprise-J type ships to be built without windows. Outside views can be created as needed almost anywhere in the ship.

Artifical Intelligence

Artifical intelligence, or AI, is part of each Enterprise-J Type ship. The ships are self-aware, they can learn, and they can manifest themselves in humanoid form through the use of holodecks and interact with the rest of the crew.

Additional Information

For additional information on Enterprise-J Type ships, see U.S.S. Enterprise NCC 1701 J

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