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This is an off-the cuff list of recommended shows, based solely on personal preferences. It's a rough draft and I'll stop there for now; as Ringo said "I have blisters on me fingers!!!". Enjoy!


Cream - Grande Ballroom, Detroit - October 15, 1967[1]

This is as close as it gets to Cream at their live best. Make sure you have the second revision remaster. Don't touch "Creamset" with a barge-pole. --Migrant Worker

Blind Faith - The Morgan Rehearsals - Morgan Studios - March 2, 1969[2]

D&D - Electric Factory - October 16, 1970 [3]

While lacking in sound quality compared to some of the other concerts listed here, this is the Dominos' most exciting performance. Featuring EC on slide for an incredible three songs - including an embryonic Motherless Children - the Electric Factory is a guitar lover's feast.

D&D - Fillmore Double Night - October 23 & 24, 1970[4]

Incredible sound quality, 4 CD set that the official D&D live album was culled from. Frighteningly good performances, entire and complete.

Talk to the Boss (Stardust) - Richmond, Va. - April 22, 1985[5]

The full show from Richmond. One of my all-time favorites. The best version of "Same Old Blues" ever (Roomful of Blues would be my second favorite), and my second favorite version of "Further On up the Road" (first favorite would be on the "Last Waltz"), with a great introduction!

Live '85 - Hartford, Ct. - May 1, 1985[6]

Although not a boot, would be another of my favorites. Burned a CD of this off the ultra-rare Japanese laserdisc release. I actually wore out my first VHS of this show becasue I watched it too often! One of my favorite performances, ever, including the BEST ever of Badge (KILLER solo) and Let It Rain, as well as my second favorite version of "Cocaine"

Chicago No Bad Blues - Chicago, Ill. - July 5, 1985[7]

Another killer soundboard show on the Tarantura label, another from the great 1985 tour.

EC and Carl Perkins - "A Rockabilly Session" - October 21, 1985[8]

Again, not a bootleg, but never available on CD, I burned it on CD from the laserdisc. EC is simply ON FIRE on Matchbox and Mean Woman Blues, just a stunning performance.

MSG - (Stardust) - Madison Square Garden - April 27, 1987[9]

A perfect soundboard from the '87 tour, easily (IMHO) the best performance of the bunch. One of "those" nights!

Prince's Trust 1987 - Wembley Arena, London - June 5, 1987[10]

Not a boot, but what a performance. Probably my favorite "all star" type event, this was just a great night. EC and all the artists were just in great form. EC seems truly to enjoy just being a member of the band. Starts off with a great version of "The Wanderer" by Dave Edmunds, and "This Heart's On Fire" by Brian Adams. EC, part of the house band, makes something special out of "IN the Family" by Level 42. They go on to do the single best version of "Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting" ever, Mark King's driving bass line is just unforgettable, and just puts any other version to shame. EC and George Harrison's duet on "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" is the centerpiece of the evening, and is true magic. What Beatles? Show closes with a great version of "With a Little Help From My Friends", with EC standing off to the side of the stage and just wailing away. Again, ever since hearing that it just doesn't sound "right" without EC's solos!

Ronnie Scott's 1987 - London, England - October 6, 1987[11]

WOW WOW WOW. On an interview for the South Bank Show a few days earlier, EC said that when he is around Buddy Guy "something happens, some strange chemical reaction", boy is that the truth! Worried Life Blues is just killer, as are all the songs, but the real gem of the evening is a NASTY version of "Wanna Make Love to You". I'm talking FUNKY here. Killer stuff.

A Remark You Made Box set Discs 9 and 10 - Osaka, Japan - November 9th, 1987[12]

High quality audience recording. This was the best (IMHO) of the five nights of this lineup (E.C./Nathan East East/Alan Clark/Steve Ferrone). Alan Clark on keys gives a number of the tracks a somewhat different sound compared to earlier '87 dates. Excellent "Run", "Same Old Blues" and "Badge > Let It Rain"

Prince's Trust 1988 - London, England - June 5, 1988[13]

Same story, CD from japanese LD. Wow. Another one of "those" nights, with MK and all the rest of the touring band. Incredible vocal performance on "Behind the Mask" and "Layla" to boot. The real crime here is that "Cocaine" is omitted from the set, which is a shame as it is easily the best version of it EVER. Never fear, I have the original radio show on CD which has Cocaine, it's also on the end of "Class Blues" (see below)

Vivela Slowhand - Philadelphia, Pa. - September 7, 1988[14]

A great show, the last of the incredible Tarantura releases, sourced from a boot video (soundboard) of the performance (I have that as well)

Beetle Clasher - RAH, London - February 3, 1989[15]

Excellent guitar work by EC and Mark Knopfler on White Room, I Shot the Sheriff, Layla and Wanna Make Love To You.

Roomful of Blues REMASTERED - Den Haag - July 6, 1989[16]

A stunning SB show from 1989, a blistering, over the top performance from a tight, tight band. A 'must have'

Class Blues - RAH, London - January 24, 1990[17]

A great show, holds a special place in my heart as it was my first boot, and what a great way to start!

EC with the National Orchestra - London, England - Feb. 10, 1990[18]

WOW!! What a stunning performance. "Sunshine" - one of the best ever, right up there with Knebworth and roomful of Blues. But with the soft orchestral intro...I think that puts it over the edge, it's number one! Great show the whole way through. And the "concerto for electric guitar" is just unforgettable. I'd love to see EC take a year off to work on something like that to completion!!!

Knebworth Superjam - June 30, 1990[19]

One of EC's best shows, incredible version of "Tearing Us Apart", as well as one of the best "Sunshine" versions ever!

Montevideo Blues Vols-1&2 - Montevideo, Uruguay - October 3, 1990[20]

A great show!

Amigos - Buenos Aires, October 5, 1990[21]

Another great soundboard show!

Play With Fire Revisited - RAH, London - February 17, 1991[22]

What can I say? A flawless soundboard, perfect show, from lights down to lights up. wish they were all this good!

Another Page - Brighton, UK - February 1, 1992[23]

An excellent audience recording. The first three songs are just ON FIRE, and the sound quality drops a little after that. But wear your asbestos undies for this one!

Civic Center - Hartford, Ct. - May 6, 1992[24]

This is unfortunate, I have this on video and it's gone screwy on me. I desperately need another, as it's one of my favorites. Best version of "For Your Love" ever, and a great version of "Tearing Us Apart"...EC gets real "heavy" during the 'break' before the solo, and nothing else has sounded quite right after that! Also, it has my favorite performace of "White Room" as an opener, with a blistering solo, and a great, funky version of "Pretending" that has a different feel to it. "running on faith" also has that little rhythm figure in it that EC and Nathan did a bit on the '92 tour, I've always liked that...

Big Blue - L.A. August 29 or 30, 1992[25]

An "okay" audience recording, I just like the version of "Sunshine" on it, especially the jam EC and band go into after the song and before Ray Cooper and Steve Ferrone's solos.

Tour Rehearsals (VH1), September 28, 1994[26]

Available on several boots, all excellent!

Blues From the Heart - San Francisco, Ca. - November 7, 1994[27]

A great soundboard of the blues tour. All awesome stuff. I don't think EC has ever performed better or with more intensity, before or since, than he did during the blues tour.

(All three nights of the San Francisco run, Nov. 7-9, have now been released by Mid Valley on a 6 disc set entitled "Red" - awesome shows in fantastic quality. The 8th and 9th have been released by Paddington on a 4 CD set entitled "Fillmore Double Blues Night." Again, great quality. - R.S. Millard, October 19, 2006)

Club Full of Blues - New York, NY - November 28, 1994[28]

The last night of the '94 US tour, in a small club in NYC, simply stunning.

[The Mid Valley 6 CD set, "Blue" covers all three nights of the Irving Plaza run (Nov 26-28) in outstanding recordings. The second night, 11/27, is well served by "Blues at the Plaza" on the Slunky label. RS Millard - Oct. 19, 2006]

Every Day I Have the Blues - Budokan, Tokyo - October 1, 1995[29]

The bootography says "simply a stunning audience recording" - that says it all!

Duets (3BR) - Roseland Ballroom, NYC - May 9, 1996[30]

Duets w/ Dr. John - wow! "St. James Infirmary" is one of the performances of a lifetime! And the funky, r 'n B version of Layla is just great.

Jazz a Vienne - July 5, 1997[31]

Wow, what a show! All the Legends gigs were awesome, this is one of the best quality shows and just stunning performces, by all around!

Phillips Arena, Atlanta, GA - May 21, 2001[32]

An awesome SBD recording. I could lose The Impressions set in the middle. Not that I dont like them but at times they overpower EC's vocals and don't quite have the high range they once had. But that minor blip on the radar can't diminish the outstanding versions of Key to the Highway, My Fathers Eyes and River of Tears. The solo in Rivers is melodic perfection to my ears. I have not heard a better version of this song. It is so much more live than the over orchestrated version on Pilgrim. If you know of a better version of Rivers PLEASE, PLEASE let me know!

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