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Fabric Softener Coupons

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About Fabric Softener

Major household chemical companies often offer coupons and other rewards for both liquid fabric softener and fabric softener dryer sheets. Some of these offers are available when purchasing fabric softener alone, whereas others require the purchase of a related product such as laundry detergent. In addition, general household product coupons and rewards, which allow the purchaser to choose from any one of a number of the issuing manufacturer's products, usually include fabric softener.

Fabric softener is available at supermarkets, as well as at discount stores, home centers and large drugstore chain outlets, and most of these retailers do accept manufacturer's coupons. Some even issue coupons on behalf of the manufacturer, so as to make it even more convenient for customers to find and use the coupons when shopping at their favorite stores.

Brands Which Offer Coupons

Procter and Gamble brands, such as Downy and Bounce are among the national brands of fabric softener for which coupons are most often available. Purex also issues coupons, as do Arm and Hammer and Sun Products. Purex usually uses the name Purex for its softeners as does Arm and Hammer, whereas popular Sun Products brands include Snuggle.

Store brands of fabric softener are occasionally available at a discount with coupons that are either printed in store circulars or linked to loyalty cards. New and specialty brands, such as ecologically friendly and hypo-allergenic varieties of fabric softener, often appear, and when they are launched they are often launched with an online or print coupon discount.

Offline Sources for Fabric Softener Coupons

Fabric softener coupons are available offline in women's and family publications, and they are also to be found in the traditional "Sunday paper" inserts that are placed into local and regional newspapers by marketing companies. Such coupons can also be found in supermarket, discount store, and drugstore circulars and notices sent to holders of chain store loyalty cards; even though it may appear as if the retailer is giving the discount, high-value coupons for specific brands are usually paid for by the manufacturer.

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Online Sources for Fabric Softener Coupons

At present, Purex offers a coupon for their new product, Complete Crystals Softener, via their Facebook page, which can be reached via a link on the Purex site. The coupon is good for one dollar off any purchase of the new fabric softener, and it is sent to the consumer's E-mail box after she enters her name and E-mail address.

According to the Downy site, a coupon for the product will be included in newspaper inserts on April 3, 2011, but no further details are provided. A newsletter is also offered on the site, and it is described as including monthly coupons for Downy and its sister laundry detergent, Tide. Snuggle is offering the same discount as Purex, one dollar off, via the same medium - Facebook.

Major online coupon sites and their affiliate sites often offer fabric softener coupons. At present, TheCouponClippers.com, which charges a small fee for the coupons that it lists, offers one dollar off coupons for Arm and Hammer products that include fabric softener, as well as 20 and 50 cent coupons for Bounce.

Free coupon sites such as Redplum.com and Coupons.com have offered attractive coupons for fabric softener in the recent past, and it is expected that new coupons for this product will be made available from time to time. These recent coupons have included substantial discounts on Gain, a Procter and Gamble product, as well as offers for discounts and even free samples of other leading brands.

Additional Ways to Get Coupons

Fabric softener coupons are often available, and the price reduction usually makes the effort of finding coupons more than worthwhile. In general, the best way to keep up with availability of coupons is to sign up for newsletters from major brands of fabric softener, as well as to follow ('like") their pages on Facebook.

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