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Famous Dave's BBQ Coupons

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Dave's Background Information

Famous Dave's Legendary Pit Bar-B-Que is a nationwide chain of restaurants based in Wisconsin. Founded in 1994 by Dave Anderson, the former head of the Bureau of Indian Affairs between 2004 and 2005, Famous Dave's is well known for its barbecue pork, chicken, beef brisket and ribs. While the chain was founded in Hayward Wisconsin, it currently operates its flagship location, known as Famous Dave's Bar-B-Que and Blues, in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

A relatively young restaurant among national American casual dining chains, Famous Dave's Legendary Pit Bar-B-Que has become a nationwide sensation due to its unparalleled menu items. It has won awards for having the best barbecue sauce in America, as well as being America' s best barbecue restaurant. And its ribs have been singled out as the best barbecue ribs in the country more than fifty times.

It's also worth noting that Famous Dave's has won awards for its desserts and blues music soundtrack. The company is a recipient of the Silver Plate award, as well, which rewards restaurants that "epitomize the best of class."

It isn't very often that a national chain restaurant wins so many awards for the items on its menu, and that has helped turn the company into a national phenomenon that is among the fastest-growing casual dining chains in America. It has grown from a regional midwestern restaurant chain to one with hundreds of locations in most U.S. states.

The people who seek out Famous Dave's Legendary Pit Bar-B-Que joints will be glad to know that the company is flush with ways to save on its award-winning menu, and it even operates its own email-based discount club for frequent diners.

Famous Dave's Legendary Pit Bar-B-Que P.I.G. Club

It's generally not a compliment to be labelled a "pig" in American society, but at Famous Dave's, P.I.G. stands for "pretty important guest." To become a pretty important guest, diners need only visit the company's website at FamousDaves.com and locate the "P.I.G." menu option in the website's header. They'll be able to select their local Famous Dave's Legendary Pit Bar-B-Que location and enter basic information, include their name and contact information as well as birthday, and submit the form.

Famous Dave's BBQ.

Once that process is complete, the frequent diner at Famous Dave's is immediately considered a "pretty important guest" and will begin receiving emails with special offers direct from the company. Offers are dispensed occasional, and interspersed with recipes, news from the company regarding new menu items and special events at its locations around the country, and tips on perfecting your barbecue technique so that you can be in the same league as this award-winning restaurant's menu.

Famous Dave's also makes a point to turn birthday's into a special occasion, as it dispenses an even deeper discount offer to its pretty important guests on their birthday. The coupon is good within three days of a registrant's birthday and is the perfect excuse to celebrate in full southern style. Nothing celebrates a birthday quite like a rack of award-winning ribs!

Grand Openings

Because Famous Dave's Legendary Pit Bar-B-Que is still expanding at a pretty good rate across the country, they're always opening new restaurants in both new markets and existing markets that demonstrate the need for multiple locations. These grand openings are special events in and of themselves, especially for people who love the company's menu or just love barbecue in general.

But what makes the company's grand opening events even more special is that they'll typically host a "soft opening" about one or two weeks before the grand opening. They send out special invitations to people in the area surrounding the new restaurant and invite them to enjoy a meal at the new location for the amazingly low price of "free."

These soft opening events essentially serve as on-the-job training for the company's new servers and management employees and, because things are a little rockier than usual, they're willing to offer diners a free meal while they work out the kinks. It's a small price to pay, however, for a meal that won't cost you a dime other than a tip if you enjoy the service you receive. If you're aware of a new restaurant opening in your area, be on the lookout for these special invitations and perhaps even a few attached coupons for future business once the new location is fully operational.

Traditional Coupons

Famous Dave's Legendary Pit Bar-B-Que includes a few coupons in the Sunday newspaper from time to time, although their coupon offerings aren't as regular as some of their competitors in the casual dining space. Most coupons are specific to a certain region's restaurants (such as Delaware Valley restaurants, or Greater St. Louis restaurants, etc.) so it's important to pay attention to the terms on each coupon offering you discover, as some may not travel far.

For online coupon clippers, there are a few printable coupons scattered about the internet from time to time, although these follow a similar pattern of being specific to only a certain region of the country and they can expire pretty quickly. As with all online coupons, verify authenticity with other users or your local Famous Dave's restaurant before you attempt to use the coupons.

Overall, the best way to get Famous Dave's coupons is to label yourself a "P.I.G." and monitor your email address for special offers (and handy recipes) from the company itself. With the special birthday discount, they offer an added perk that newspaper or online coupons can't compete with!

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