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Fantastic Sams Coupons

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History of Fantastic Sams

Before 1974, getting a haircut or a hair style was a matter of making an appointment. That was the year that the original Fantastic Sam, Sam Ross, opened his first salon in Memphis, Tennessee. Ross' vision led the company, in 1976, to open the first no appointment necessary, fixed-price full service salon company in history.

The days of waiting for a future date appointment were over with the explosion of full service salons throughout the country and beyond. Their entrepreneurial-friendly franchise system evolved into a chain of 1300 salons that all focus on experience, leadership and building the company brand. They also concentrate on saving their customers time and money.

The Fantastic Sams brand has been built by individual owner empowerment, placing the control of each full service hair salon in the hands of the owner. Individual store success is reinforced by a system of over 700 salon owners that frequently bolster and encourage each other.

Company Background

Fantastic Sams employs several thousand experienced stylists, all trained in the company brand and its emphasis on customer satisfaction and low price. Individual owner promotion is encouraged with locally-targeted sales and other advertising campaigns.

Fantastic Sam Coupons

The number one reason people visit a specific salon is stylist expertise. The Fantastic Sams emphasis on training, tools, new innovative techniques and hair care technologies has further revolutionized the industry and strengthened their brand.

The company contexts this all with a fun and relaxed environment in a spa-like setting, coupled with an understanding of the busy pace of their customers' lives. Quality service at a low price with personal service in as short a time as possible has become the company's standard.

Industry Statistics

The hair care industry now boasts nearly sixty billion dollars in sales a year. Salon patronage has increased by 2.5% per year in recent years. In 2010, it was estimated that nearly four million American females have their hair done regularly at a hair salon.

Even more do so occasionally. 35% of US men are estimated to also patronize full service hair care salons. With hair care expenses increasing by nearly 10% in recent years, the quest for savings for the average hair care customer is more important than ever. Fantastic Sams has excelled at meeting the rapidly changing needs of its guests.

Fantastic Sams Coupons

Fantastic Sams coupons and specials are often available through the company's continual promotion of savings for its customers. Online coupon sites frequently offer links to print-off Fantastic Sams coupons. Many individual salons also offer local coupons. These salons and any coupons or sales they may be offering may be located through the Fantastic Sams Salon Locator

Additionally, main company coupons are sometimes distributed through newspapers and magazines, as well as coupon mailer company campaigns. Some salons offer coupons for the asking. Ebay is often a good source for Fantastic Sams coupons, in exchange for a handling fee.

Fantastic Sams individual salons are encouraged to promote sales and specials, in addition to their coupons. It's often a good idea to inquire into special price breaks or discounts for individual groups of people. Some individual salons may offer special promotions during holidays and special seasons. Saving money for its customers has always been part of the Fantastic Sams success story.

Check Your Coupons

It should be noted, however, that Fantastic Sams salons are individually owned and operated. Not all coupons are accepted at all locations. The customer is advised to call ahead to be certain a specific coupon will be accepted at an individual location. Only one coupon is accepted per person, per visit. While Fantastic Sams has built its brand on the walk-in customer, some locations do accept future date appointments.

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