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  • Name: Faxkek Oroboros
  • Nicknames: Faxkek, Fax, Boss, Lord Faxkek, Clown, certain expletives
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: ?
  • Race: Forgotten, formerly Nobody
  • Height: 6'3"
  • Weight: 175
  • Hair color: Platinum blonde
  • Eye color: Green
  • Skin color: Light
  • Home World: World That Never Was
  • Player: Z Metalla


Faxkek was the Nobody of Kefka, created when he became a Heartless Lord. Kefka, who had done some previous research on the Heartless knew that Faxkek would be created from his change. Faxkek wound up in the Thirteenth Order, ironically, as number VI. It was later revealed that this was done on purpose so the halves could gain their own individual power and then remerge into the godlike being (or a reasonable facimile) Kefka had been so long ago. However, their plans were short-lived when both halves were defeated in the Heartless/Nobody War. Unfortunately for the Lodgers, Faxkek's desires allowed him to return as a Forgotten, after which he would found the Terror Sekers, and once again become a threat.

As a Nobody, his lack of true emotion made him quite cold, and Kefka's trademark laugh, for Faxkek, became quite subdued, but still reeking of madness. His lack of remorse made him the perfect schemer and double agent, as despite his subdued nature he was still very much like his other half.

As a Forgotten, Faxkek is very much like his old self, sharing all the ideals and motivations, although he does retain the subdued laugh, albeit the laugh's level of madness and intensity surpasses the Nobody version. However, as a slightly seperate being as his Other, he can be quite different at times and actually enjoys the company of his allies and making new ones, and as shown recently, he does have the ability to love, as shown with his subordinate/girlfriend, Ego.


Faxkek (Forgotten) portrait by Zent


As a Nobody, Faxkek wore the usual black, hooded uniform Highers posess. Unlike his other half, he wore his hair straight and empty, rather than tied back and decorated by feathers and ribbons. His weapon was a double-bladed sword similar in design to the swords wielded by the Mass Production Evangelions, but shaped with the Nobody symbol motif much like other Nobody weapons.

Two notable features that he developed later, after a battle with Redex, the injuries he received transformed into blue markings around his eyes, looking much like the makeup Kefka wore, and as another side-effect, he sprouted a trio of silver wings from his back, a compliment to his other half's three wings. Both of these features were actually hidden and were brought out by his injuries.


As a Forgotten, Faxkek's Nobody cloak's look was altered into looking more like the original Kefka color scheme (reds and greens) and taking on a more New-age Victorian sort of look to its design. The markings on his eyes have stayed blue, while his face has whited out giving him, thusly a blue edition of his other half's red and yellow makeup scheme, and he once again wears his hair in a ponytail adorned by ribbons and feathers.

His wings have stayed, and have transformed into black and white feathered wings rather than the metallic, Nobody silver look they had before. He has also gained a pair of swords as weapons instead of the dual-bladed sword from before. These swords are, in actuality, the twin Agony Basilisks, Kouryuu and Otsuryuu. How he obtained them and gained their servitude is a mystery.

Combat Style


As a Nobody, Faxkek's motif as the "Statistical Juggler" was all about status effects, buffs, and debuffs, mostly related to Square Magic. Along with this, his use of his twin-bladed weapon could vary in range, from both short and longer distances, as a swinging, throwing and stabbing weapon all in one.


As a Forgotten, his style has changed a bit. Most of his attacks are offensive rather than defensive or strategic, he appears to have returned to his roots in yet another way by this fact. His physical style is definitely sword-oriented thanks to the twin weapons he wields, along with his potent magic.

He also seems to be able to channel pain-inducing magical techniques because of these swords, effectively giving him the powers of an Agony Basilisk, only he doesn't need any eye contact at all to be effective, and can channel it through himself and into his foes with relative ease. As a side effect, his tolerance for pain has increased exponentially. The only time this ability has been really seen as of current was when the AHM confronted him in his base on Ba'al.


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