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Fiber One Coupons

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About Fiber One Products

General Mills was officially formed in 1928, as the result of a merger between several flour mills. The first mill was completed in the 1860’s by Cadwallader C. Washburn. After several setbacks, including the destruction of two of his first mills constructed, the Washburn Crosby Company, as it was then known, was named the best flour in the world.

Headquartered in Golden Valley, Minnesota, the General Mills Corporation has grown to include 79 production facilities, 49 of which are in the United States. Today, General Mills produces 41 brands such as Betty Crocker, Green Giant, Fiber One, and Pillsbury.

Fiber One Cereal was first introduced in 1985. Several Fiber One products have been introduced since that time. These products include yogurts, cottage cheese, baking mixes, breads, snack bars, and other baked goods. Consumers now face new and more challenging digestive health issues that can be addressed in part by additional fiber in their diet.

Fiber One and Healthy Diets

A healthy diet is essential to healing the digestive tract and maintaining overall good health. Sadly, the diets of many lack the necessary amount of dietary fiber needed for the digestive tract to work effectively. The Food and Drug Administration recommends 25 grams of dietary fiber, based on a 2000 calorie diet.

This level of fiber intake promotes regularity, by adding bulk to the foods moving through the digestive tract. It also is helpful for weight management issues. The increased fiber found in Fiber One products helps to curb hunger by helping people feel full longer.

Fiber One Coupons

There are many avenues to pursue when searching for Fiber One coupons. Coupons for Fiber One products abound. General Mills places a coupon insert in many newspapers throughout the United States several times a year.

Fiber One coupons

Coupons for Fiber One are often found in Smart Source newspaper inserts as well. The majority of these coupons are for Fiber One cereals, yogurts, baking mixes and snack bars. The value of these coupons is generally low, so they would be best used at a supermarket that doubles or even triples coupons.

A phone call or e-mail to comment upon the products offered may result in higher value coupons be sent through the mail. Always check the inside of Fiber One packaging as well, as many high value coupons have been found there.

Digital Coupons

Digital coupon sites, such as Shortcuts.com and Cellfire.com, often have coupons for Fiber One products. Shopper reward cards may also have Fiber One coupons available for download through their individual store’s website. It is important to note that a digital coupon cannot be combined with a manufacturer’s coupon for additional savings.

General Mills has released printable coupons at www.fiberone.com and other General Mills brand sites, such as BettyCrocker.com and Pillsbury.com. For several of these websites, you will be required to sign up for their e-newsletter to be able to access the coupons. Other websites have printable coupons available for Fiber One products, including coupons.com, SmartSource.com and EatBetterAmerica.com.

General Mills Coupons

General Mills often runs product promotions, involving cash back on future purchases or gift cards. A recent promotion found in several types of supermarkets featured a five dollar gift card when four selected products were purchased. This included several Fiber One brand products. Shopping Card programs, popular in supermarkets and pharmacies, will offer store credit when specific purchases are made.

Fiber One products are often on sale in conjunction with shopping rewards card offers and it can add up to huge savings for consumers when using coupons during these times. Rebates for purchases, including the purchase of Fiber One products, are occasionally offered by General Mills as well. By pairing coupons with local sales, Fiber One products can be obtained at a significantly reduced price.

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