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Welcome to the Fiddler on the Project collaborative workspace!


Here we will share ideas about the upcoming Project Management book, "The Fiddler on the Project", a review of Project Management principles based on the story of The Fiddler on the Roof (play and movie). The book will be published in mid-2008.

There are 3 simple steps to this collaboration. And they're as easy as pie.

Step 1: Read our Prologue

Fiddler on the Project - Prologue


your<<I>complain</I> if you got a little inspired, <I>yourself!</I>

<I>Rich Maltzman, PMP
Ranjit Biswas, PMP</I>

<a href="http://www.yahoo.com">Yahoo! Rulez!</a>

Step 2: <B>Take our survey - it's <I>entertaining and so short it will be over before you start it. Well, almost. Click on the doohickey below. NOTE: The survey may deposit you "off-site" so remember to come back here and complete the last step!


Step 3: Please insert your ideas below. Note: feel free to read this first chapter, "The Balancing Act: Project Management's Triple Constraint.
To do that, click on the "2" thingie below, just use your browser to return here!

For example:

Balancing on the roof...this is alot like balancing the demands of cost, scope, time, and customer requirements.

The importance of tradition...an analogy to the need for solid methodologies for PMs.

You can give examples from your experience...

You can contest the idea or support it...

If you have not seen the play or the movie - some snippets from the movie are here--> [[3]]
Please participate!

OK, enough already! You get the idea. Now, below, please: your ideas?

You can actually edit this Wiki itself, or go to our Writeboard, and log in with the password "tradition". If you choose this route, click on the "3" link right here-->. [[4]]

If instead you choose to edit the wiki itself, click Bluwiki's "Edit" icon (the one with a piece of paper and a pencil) above and put your ideas below the next horizontal line...


You can see crowdsourcing in action here--> [[5]] http://www.cambrianhouse.com/0xdeadbeef/assets/promote/blog-widget-rectangle2.gif"

Balancing on the roof...to me a big part of the project manager's job is change management. I hope you discuss best practices in getting stakeholders who are not project team members (end users) to see the WIIFM (what's in it for me). --http://www.PMStudent.com

Sometimes books/fables focus on the right and only allude to the wrong, or vise-versa. I would prefer a more balanced approach with alternative characters/stories which focus strongly on examples of both. It would really get interesting if one character is not always right, but the two always balance each other out. For example, Number 1 succeeds in one area where Number 2 fails. Number 1 fails in a different area but Number 2 does a great job. --http://www.PMStudent.com

On the notion of "Best Practices" and "Requirements Gathering". We all toss around these terms without really stopping to consider that a "best" practice for one project may not be the "best" practice for another project. Clearly, in Fiddler, the "best" practices of the tsar were not the best for Anatevka's residents. The other term "Requirements Gathering" seems to imply that they (the requirements) are just laying around in plain sight to be gathered up and documented. In Fiddler when the requirements for finding the right match for Tevye's daughters seemed to be clearly spelled out in song, the actual requirements became a negotiation with each of the prospective suitors. -- Dennis Cochran

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