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Final Fantasy Saga: Skills

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Climb, Jump, and Swim rolled into Athletics.

Use Computer replaced with Perform (Cha).

Old Knowledge skills cut and replaced with Knowledge (Politics, Tactics, Beast Lore, Legends, Geography, Alchemy, Magitech)

Use the Force cut.

New skill:

Spellcraft (Cha) Requires Black or White Magic Training to use; Armor Check Penalty

Sense Magic: DC 15 to sense magical energy, pinpointing magical items, spellcasters, and magicite.

Hide Talent (trained only): If you wish to hide your magical ability when being scanned, you must beat their total to sense magic.

Cast Spells: See each individual spell description

Announce Power (trained only): Unleashes your personal aura of power, letting everyone who can sense magic nearby know exactly what your Spellcraft bonus is. Occasionally accompanied by a light show.



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